Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy Causes And Treatment

Talking about pregnancy and hemorrhoids in any group of mothers almost always brings noises of painful recognition. Pregnancy piles are a very common ailment – but one that can make your life very uncomfortable. Yup, they’re real pain in the butt! However, they’re not usually life threatening and there are ways to alleviate the pain and discomfort…though you doneed to be very careful about the solution you use, to be sure it’s safe during pregnancy.

Why do pregnancy and hemorrhoids go together so often? Well, it has to do with the increased weight in the abdomen and the pressure that it brings to bear on the pelvic floor.

So what are hemorrhoids

They are blood vessels that protrude from the back passage. They may bleed and at first may feel as if you have a sharp object in your pants! But they’re no laughing matter: tens of thousands of people suffer from them and millions of pounds are spent on creams, suppositories, ointments and hemorrhoid surgery each year. But…suffering hemorrhoids whilst pregnant means you need a gentle, non-drug solution to this problem. Steroid creams, cortisones, medications with strong ingredients, even certain herbal remedies…all these can adversely affect the baby in the womb. Not only that, they ofte aren’t permanenet solutions: you end up with the condition coming back after a short time.

One lady, a nurse from Australia, seems to have stumbled on the best natural treatment for pregnancy piles, purely by chance. It doesn’t involve drugs, surgery or any of the other invasive methods that are so comonly used to treat hemorrhoids. Her solution has been tried and tested and resulted from case studies carried out on over 10,000 people. She has also recognised the risk factors associated with hemorrhoids during pregnancy and is able to reassure users on the gentle and safe nature of her remedy, having used it herself during her own pregnancy.

There has been a lot of good feedback about Hemorrhoids Saviour, which is what she calls her system. So much so that the methods that some of our web team had used, with mixed results, during their pregnancies no longer seem worth recommending. I had used wheatgerm oil, which certainly helped initially, but even such vitamin-based remedies have to be used with care – and the fact that it didn’t offer a permananet cure was a negative. A friend used the shrinking cream from the pharmacist and again, found it only worked for as long as she used it. So the arrival of this natural solution is possibly going to be a godsend for many pregnant moms.

When diet, conventional treatment and exercise have failed, a solution that will shrink piles overnight and yet be completely safe to use, AND give permanent results seems too good to be true. But so far we haven’t found anyone who was unhappy with this method…and we invite feedback from our thousands of visitors all the time. If you do try this new method please write and let us know how you get on.

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