Happy Days! {Fragrances of Ireland #Review}

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Besides traveling around the United States, I have a few destinations I would love to visit, one being Ireland.  The pictures I have seen of Ireland look captivating with their lush green landscapes, charming pubs and majestic castles.  Although I’m sure Ireland has its share of overpopulated urban areas, I envision a serene, beautiful land, where medieval romantic ambiance abounds. Since I probably won’t be jetting off to Ireland anytime soon, I’m excited to have a piece of the country, stateside, with a collection of lovely fragrances from Fragrances of Ireland.

Fragrances of Ireland was established back in 1983 when the late Brian Cox, father of the current MD David Cox, and Donald Pratt, founder of Avoca Handweavers, had the idea to start an Irish perfume company. They started by producing a perfume called “Innisfree” named after the WB Yeats’ poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” , which the Yeats’ estate gave the young company permission to use with the perfume.  Innisfree was an instant success for the new company and generated great sales in Duty-Free and gift shops across Ireland and the USA.  A true “garage” business.  Since then, the company has expanded adding various other perfumes, including the “Patrick” men’s cologne line, and “Garden of Ireland” premium soaps and bath products. Fragrances of Ireland’s ideology is “To inspire and uplift and make people happy through their senses. To promote an understanding that we are all connected and we should all strive to make a better world”.  In trying to make the world a better place, their philanthropy reaches out to include being proud sponsor of the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group dedicated to conservation and protection of these creatures.

Fragrances of Ireland offers 8 collections of fragrance as well as 2 collections of bath and body products, all reminiscent of Ireland.  I received the Garden of Ireland Moss & Heather Gardener’s Handcream and Bath/Shower Gel and a Morning Rose Solid Perfume and Bath Salts.  I find that after a busy day of wearing the many hats of “mom”, I unwind best through aromatherapy.  A soft floral fragrance or earthy clean scent transports my body + mind to a happy place.  All of the products I received helped me relax and daydream; qualities I believe we moms need to focus more on:).Morning Rose bath salts and Moss & Heather shower gel smell divine.  Both cleansed without overdrying.  The Heather & Moss Gardeners Hand Cream has found a new home in my purse.  I use a ton of hand sanitizer this time of year…..hoping to avoid the flu!…..which tortures my hands.  Garden of Ireland H&M Gardeners hand cream to the rescue!  This cream comes in a metal tube and is ultra thick and luxurious.  After sanitizing I add a dab of hand cream and my hands become soft once again.  My hubby has asked me numerous times “where is that cream?”.  His hands are very rough, so if he’s requesting for it, I know it works!  With its light earthy scent, Gardeners hand cream is great for women and men!  It will really come in handy this gardening season, too.
My favorite item is the Garden of Ireland Morning Rose solid perfume.  I apply this throughout the day on my pulse points (wrist, behind ears) to remind me to take a deep breath and smell the roses.  My mind associates rose fragrance with being in a secret garden or in the middle of a field full of flowers in bloom….how could I not relax and be completely happy with those thoughts!  Solid perfume is sort of like tin lipgloss, easy to transport and simple to apply using your fingertips.

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