Go Girls! Be Active And Healthy! {Go! Go! Sports Dolls Giveaway}

We all know how important it is to keep our children active, but it’s often easier said than done. I know I can use all the help I can get. Go! Go! Sports Dolls are a line of dolls that are totally adorable, but like all girls, are so much more than that!Jodi Norgaard created the Go! Go! Sports Dolls because she “realized there was a need for a positive doll for girls that would be age appropriate, proportioned properly and send a positive message about a healthy lifestyle – physically, mentally and emotionally – through sports.” I’m sure that I’m not the only mom of girls out there who is always looking for this type of toy.

I got to choose a doll for each of my girls, and I knew they’d both love Brooke, who represents golf. Grandma, Grandpa and their cousins all play golf and my girls have watched eagerly from the sidelines and have played a little bit themselves. When we’re not at the course, their Brooke dolls remind them of their favorite sport and keep them looking forward to next time. Each Brooke doll came with a backpack with a little golf club, golf ball and towel! So cute. She is also appropriate for their age (3.5 years) but I’m sure even my 10 year old niece would love her too. They have played with their Brooke dolls for hours and love to cuddle with her and there has been lots of pretend play.
There’s a Go! Go! Sports Doll for almost every sport! I was also thinking of getting either the dance, soccer or gymnastics doll which are the other sports my girls love. These would definitely make a great gift for the girls in your life.

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