Form and Function and (Eco-)Friendly {Full-Circle Giveaway}

Full Circle was launched in March with the mission of creating products that balance style, function, sustainability and affordability.  The founders share the ideal that products shouldn’t sacrifice form or function in order to be green.  Each product is designed and materials are selected based on impact to the environment over the entire product life cycle.  This includes raw materials sourcing, durability and disposal.  Each Full Circle product is designed to look beautiful and last long, without leaving a lasting impact on the Earth. I’m always looking for things to make my life easier in the kitchen. Bonus points for being eco-friendly, and bonus bonus points for being pleasing to the eyes. Full Circle sent me several of  their products to review, and they do all of the above. The first thing I tried was the Scoop Sponge. Having to pick up a soggy sponge does not make me want to tackle the dishes. But the Scoop Sponge is curved so that air circulates below it.

So if you do leave it on the countertop, there won’t be cooties having a party underneath it. Plus it’s really cool to look at, like a modern piece of architecture next to my sink. In addition, it’s made of biodegradable cellulose. Ever wonder what happens to your typical petroleum-based plastic sponge? Nothing. Except sit in a landfill. Forever. And I can’t say enough great things about the Reach Bottle Brush. Well I will say this:

Where were you when my girls were babies and I was pumping straight into bottles and handwashed everything?

Oh how much time the Reach Bottle Brush would have saved me! It cleans both the inside and outside of the brush at the same time, plus the handle (made of recycled plastic and recycled stainless steel) is so comfortable. It fits around my sink and is such a cheerful orange color. This one is both convenient and fun: The Stick ‘Em Magnetic Kitchen Towel. There’s a little magnet (made from recycled materials) built into this soft and absorbent towel (made from bamboo and organic cotton) so you can hang it on your fridge or dishwasher. It’s right there when you need it and when you’re done you can literally toss it back and it sticks! No more hanging towels off your oven door only to have them slide off again and again. The Ring Vegetable Brush is something I never thought of using but I’m glad I have it now. My girls are starting to eat more fruits and veggies with the skin on (or at least I’m offering it to them), so I feel better scrubbing the skins with a brush. And it’s so cute too…makes me want to wear a bamboo bracelet to match while I cook! These products are just the beginning. Visit Full Circle to check out the rest of their beautiful, effective and sustainable products and to obtain more information on the materials they use and their efforts to “Come Clean. Full Circle.”

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