Forget The Polish! {Jamberry Nails #Review}

As the celebrations to ring in the new year begin, you’ll want to look your best from fingertip to toe, and Jamberry Nails will help you achieve that goal!!Jamberry is a consultant based company that sells an amazing product for your nails.  Their nail “shields” are a high style, adhesive backed plastic like material, that attach easily to your natural or artificial nail giving them a manicured appearance without the expense of a salon visit.  For $15, you’ll receive a sheet of designer nail shields with various sizes to fit individual nail beds.  Simply select the size that matches your nail and apply according to directions. Be prepared to purchase multiple sheets because there are so many designs to choose from.  Stripes, trendy chevron, camo, french tips, metallics…….you name it, Jamberry has it!  Colors and patterns to fit every mood or outfit. When applied correctly,

Jamberry nail shields can last for weeks with no worry of chips.  Each sheet provides enough shields for multiple applications, too. Jamberry generously sent my daughters and I several sheets of nail shields to try.  With holiday parties to attend it was perfect timing to give them a go.  I particularly liked how the Jamberry Juniors, created for tiny fingers and toes, have two patterns included for mixing and matching….right on trend with today’s tweens. Check out this video on how to apply Jamberry nail shields: I’ll admit, the first time I tried to use the Jamberry Juniors on my daughters I was unsuccessful.  I thought I followed the directions, however, the shields didn’t stay on their nails for more than a day, in fact, my younger daughter’s came off within hours.  I was missing a few of the required tools though.

I thought that I didn’t need a cuticle pusher or small nail scissors and instead used pressure from my own hands to push the shield down and regular sized scissors for trimming. Take my advice; use the tools Jamberry recommends!  What a difference they made the second time around.  I used a cuticle pusher to remove cuticle from the nails which preps the surface for proper adhesion of the shield.  This worked like a charm.  Cuticle is basically dead skin, and the nail shield won’t stick to skin, so make sure you remove it!  Using tiny nail scissors was another improvement.  I was able to get closer to my daughters natural nail, leaving less to file off.  They also helped me avoid getting burned as I held each shield in front of a hot blow dryer to heat the adhesive needed to stick to the nail.

My girls and I loved  how our Jamberry nails turned out and definitely enjoyed sharing some mother-daugher pampering time.  There is no way we would have been able to paint perfect stripes or heart patterns, like the ones we used, with nail polish.  So fun and girly!  The shiny finish gives a salon gel appearance and catches the eye.  I can’t wait to bear my toes again next summer now that I’ve been introduced to the fabulous designs of Jamberry. There is still time to find a Jamberry consultant and purchase some stocking stuffers for your tween/teens or to get the perfect style to match your New Year’s Eve ensemble!  Visit Jamberry

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