Find A Deal…Getaway With The Family! GreatGetaways

As spring starts rolling in, so do all the great travel deals. I have seen them popping up online almost everyday. So, where will you be taking your family this Spring/Summer? Any plans in the works? I am hoping to take my family on a great trip at an even better price!

Here you have it, my top 10 tips for getting away with great family travel deals:

1-Comparison Shop! Whether it be online, or by calling your travel agent. Search travel sites and price out what you want to do and where you want to go. Get all the details first off. Find out what they going rate for a family vacation will run you. Then you will know when you have found a Screamin’ Deal!!!

2-Local Entertainment Book. I have to say that I swear by the Entertainment books out there. No matter where you are going they are sure to save you hundreds of dollars on eating out and amusements. So if you are traveling to another state, make sure you pick one up before hand.

3-We all gotta eat! Why not save when you are on vacation? Sign up for nationwide restaurants coupons/rewards programs. You are sure to have the kids eating free, or even B1G1 free deals. It will save you money and leave you with more in your wallet when you get home.

4-Deal Alerts. Some online vacation sites offer deal alerts. You simply sign up and when a price drops below what you want….you get an email or text. Sweet Savings are in store with a little help from these sites.

5-Bargain Hotels. There are travel sites online that will let you put in the price you want to pay. I was very skeptical about this, until my family traveled back east a few years ago and that’s how they booked every hotel. They saved a ton of moolah and now I am a believer. You simply put it what you want to pay and the star rating of the hotel and book away!!! Sometimes you even score BIG with a great hotel that you would have never stayed at before!

6-Pack Snacks! When you pull up to the gas pump, not only will it drain your wallet, but so will all the snacks and drinks you will buy there on your trip. If you are driving make sure you pack a cooler. Fill it with snacks and drinks. Juice and crackers to sweets and chocolate. There will be something for everyone and you will save a lot of money this way.

7-Set a schedule. This will help you to not go to places you weren’t planning on going to, and spending more money. Map out the trip in advance and know where you are going. You will save on gas and other purchases.

8-Plan FREE activities. Trips can be costly. But, they don’t always have to be. How about a camping trip to your local campground. Maybe a trip to a free beach. You can plan a relatively inexpensive trip by thinking out of the box. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day trip out of it. That way you don’t have to stay overnight and pay for a hotel.

9-On a whim… If you can be open to travel whenever. You can snag some awesome last minute deals and have a fun weekend getaway at the same time. Airlines and hotels often have last minute deals you can snatch up and save BIG!

10-Double up. If you have family nearby or friends plan a trip together. You can all pile into one vehicle. You can then split the gas. A fun way to get out with friends and family.

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