Fashion Girl Barbie Clothing Review

My girl is a total Barbie Girl! She loves her Barbie dolls & accessories and spends a lot of time playing with them and dressing them in different outfits! She even has some of my old Barbie dolls and clothes to play with that my mom kept packed away in case I had a daughter! When I heard Barbie was creating a line of Girls’ clothing, I knew it would be perfect for her! It just had to be cute, glam, and of course, Barbie PINK!

Ava received two darling outfits from the Barbie Girl’s Clothing Line available at KMart and a few other retailers. As soon as we opened up the box, she wanted to try on both outfits over and over and of course, wear her favorite to bed that night! These Barbie clothes will make your daughters closet complete and hearts skip a beat. With fun designs and unique and sparkly details, they will surely please your fashion girl and the low price tag will make mom and dad smile! With back to school coming up, your girl will feel in style wearing her new Barbie brand clothing to school. I was pleasantly surprised with the good quality of our Barbie clothing and the attention to detail. Sparkly trim, pink ruche, soft fabrics; definitely on point with fashion today!Every day seems to be a fashion show around the house as every time I turn around I see my girl in a different outfit. My mom says it’s payback for all of my quick changes when I was a little girl. However, Ava had extra fun putting on a Barbie fashion show for us the other day with all her two new Barbie outfits! She really felt fancy parading around in her new clothes and I could tell she had a little extra bounce in her step and she couldn’t stop twirling! After her fashion show she then had a fashion show for her Barbie Dolls, which was too cute!

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