Dropper Stopper To The Rescue Dropper Stopper Giveaway

I am running around the mall shopping my heart out when my little girl drops her toy on the ground.  GROSS is my first comment.  I quickly pick up the toy and throw it in the bottom of the stroller or the diaper bag and head onward.  Now my little girl is crying because she doesn’t have anything to play with.  What’s a mom to do?

Dropper Stopper to the rescue!

Dropper Stopper is a toy leash that keeps babies bottles, sippy cups, and toys close by.  It attaches easily and will save mommies and babies lots of heartache when shopping and walking in the stroller. I was sent the Dropper Stopper to test out.   Upon opening it out of the package I found a vibrant color and design.  Designer fabric makes it oh-so-cute! I simply attached one end to my stroller and the other to my babies toy, and it makes a perfect sippy cup holder.  Easy-Peasy to use and now I can shop worry free because I know her toys and drinks will stay off the ground the entire trip.  I have to say I LOVE IT!  I highly recommend it to every mommy. Head over to Dropper Stopper and pick yours up today. You can also snag FREE SHIPPING with the code Real Moms.


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