Do not hit the Brick Wall When You Want to Clean It! Hire Professionals!

Brick wall looks amazing! It plays a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics. Your property looks beautiful; but after a few years, the dirt and grime take it all away. You are left with a wall that is dirty and looks rather weathered. Sounds disheartening, right? Well, no need to feel that way. All you need to do is have them cleaned.

Look for companies like Sydney City Tuckpointing for brick cleaning in Sydney! You will find that they have cleaned your brick walls with great finesse and left them as good as new. This is what you want after all. Oh, you want to do it yourself? Why waste money, right? Well, you are wrong! Cleaning brick walls is not as easy as it might seem. There are many intricacies that you might not have any idea about! Do not believe us? Then see for yourself!

What are the Methods of Cleaning Brick walls?

Well, it might sound clichéd! But, the truth is that cleaning brick walls is no walk in the park! So, you will need to think twice before taking on the project yourself. The smarter option would be to hire professional brick wall cleaners! Still want to clean the wall yourself? Okay, let’s see if we can provide a clear picture of what you are up against!

Here are some of the cleaning methods for brick walls:

1. Pressure Washing

These are great for removing tough stains and hardened soil. For this, you need to rent a pressure washer, all the relevant solutions and most important factor is the skill to use the washer. The method starts with getting the right measurements for the cleaning solution, applying the solution and letting it soak (be careful that it does not dry up), scrub and then wash it off with a pressure washer! Sounds easy? It may, but it isn’t!

Ask yourself the following questions

  1. Do you have any idea about the right chemicals and cleaning solution measurements?
  2. Do you know how to handle a pressure washer?
  3. Do you know which pressure washer to rent?

The answers to all the three questions is most probably no! No amount of DIY videos can help you reach perfection for such precision jobs.

2. Scrub & Rinse

Well, this method is a more “hands on” approach. You can start off with identifying the issue with the brick wall. Is it mildew, mould or just dirt? Then, you create the right solution to deal with the problem and applying it. Final steps are scrubbing with a brush and then rinsing off with a hose! The problems that you will face with this method are:

  1. Will you be able to identify (precisely) the problem ruining your brick walls? Is it simple dirt or mildew and dirt?
  2. Do you have the energy to spend the time and energy scrubbing the walls?
  3. The answers are most probably no, here as well.

In both the cases, one thing that you have not thought through is the damage your walls will sustain with improper cleaning! Pressure washing is no joke. The wrong chemicals and pressure washer can be toxic for it. Even if you do use the scrub and rinse method, it is quite time consuming and laborious! Why take risks, when Sydney has tuckpointing services providing agencies?

All you need to do is find these agencies and get professionals to clean your brick walls. The job they will do can never be achieved by any novice! They have expertise, skill and the right equipment for the job. Oh, by the way they also complete the job at the first go with perfection! Hire them and see your brick wall’s former glory being restored.


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