DIY With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

When I got married and moved into my hubby’s house, my sister handed down her bar stools to us. These bar stools used to be my moms, then my sisters, and now mine. They have gotten a lot of life out of them. They started out an orange wood color, then I painted them black to match my kitchen. Three kids later and it was time for some bar stools with backs on them. Too many accidents happen when kids sit on stools with no back support. Am I right?The search was on. I was bound and determined to find 4 bar stools that matched, had backs on them, and that I could do it myself paint. It was my next BIG project. I kept an eye out on craigslist and local facebook yard sale groups for the perfect set. Time went by and nothing. Then one day I found them. The perfect set of 4. They were everything I wanted. The right size, they featured backs so my kids wouldn’t fall of them, and they were ready for painting!Now is where my problem came into play. Time! I tried and tried to find the time to re-do these myself, but to much avail it never happened. So I called on a good friend to help me out. Unfortunately, she had a budding business on her own hands and wasn’t able to help me out. She did however refer me to an awesome gal that she is friends with (located in blackfoot Idaho-if anyone wants to contact her for a re-do project, just let me know) and she came right over to start my project with me.

Person Holding Paintbrush

We used Annie Sloan old white chalk paint and wax. At first I envisioned painting them head to toe. Then as we got into the project we decided it would be better to stain the seat with a dark wood stain to give it a pop with the old white color. So glad that we did too.If you haven’t heard about Annie Sloan you are in for a treat. Annie Sloan chalk paint is amazing. You can paint over pretty much anything. No sanding required. Just paint away. While it paints on virtually anything, you do have to apply a lot of coats. I think these stools took 4-5 coats and they could have taken more if I wanted complete coverage. That wasn’t the look I was going for. I wanted a vintage feel to them since I am country at heart, so I liked them showing a little more uneven texture. Also this chalk paint isn’t smooth, if you want a smooth perfect finish then go with regular paint from your home improvement store. That’s what I love so much about Chalk Paint. It has a look and feel all it’s own.I am beyond thrilled at how they turned out. I just love looking at them and the family loves sitting in them.So what are you waiting for? Get painting and re-doing with Annie Sloan products! They will amaze you and I am sure you have ‘something’ around that could use a facelift?!?Now onto my next Annie Sloan project. I have a can of duck egg blue that I am inspired to use very soon.