Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard #REVIEW @InGenuitybaby #DDDivas

When you bring a baby home from the hospital, you are not just bringing home a baby. There’s the diapers, the crib, the toys, the playpen, and so much more! Babies require A LOT of attention and stuff!  As a mom I only want to purchase high quality items that will last through all of my babies. I plan on having more kids and I only want to buy an item once and have it work for all my children. That means I look for a reliable product that will serve a purpose and last for us!

I recently had the opportunity to test out the NEW  Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard. The first thing that made me excited was the line ‘machine washable’. I had never heard of a playard that I could easily wash.  I eagerly awaited this gem!  When it arrived the hubby put it together for me, I watched him from the kitchen.  It was very easy to put together. He had it up and ready for our little guy to use within 15 minutes. He commented on how sturdy it was and how nice it looked in our family room.  I loved the brown neutral colors as it can easily stay in my family room and not look noisy.

While I did not use the changing table since my little guy is too squirmy for it, I did put him in it with his toys and I loved it!  My little guy loves playing in it and it’s perfect for those moments when I need him put away to keep him out of trouble. I also love how easy it is to fold down. I can do it with one hand in under 1 minute. It is a bit on the heavy side when I do have to carry it outside to the car when we go to Grandma’s house or travel out of town. I usually make the hubs do all the heavy lifting. I highly recommend this playard to any mom looking for high quality and a very reliable brand.  My favorite feature is that you can unzip the fabric and wash it. It’s simple to remove, wash, and put right back on. Perfect for those oops moments that babies tend to have quite often.

Other features it boosts:

InGenuity’s One Less Step folds without removing bassinet
Just Right Height: Elevated changing table easily pivots out of the way
Changing table cover and mattress can be removed for washing
Soothing Sounds Station: Melodies and nature sounds to comfort baby

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