Cute, Comfy And Cozy Feet {Socks4Life Giveaway}

I am so a shoes-without-socks kind of person, which is why I used to dread fall and winter when it gets cold and wet and socks are a must. Notice I said “used to”…thanks to Socks4Life, I now know it’s because I never found the perfect sock!Socks4Life sent me several pairs of socks to review. The first pair I tried was the Excell Women’s Semi-Cushion socks. My feet were a little bit cold last week so I slipped them on in the morning. By noon I’m usually sock-free, but surprisingly I still had them on! So I wore them to the park with my sneakers. I was actually worried that my feet would be sweaty because of the cushioning, but they were just fine. I think I’ve found my new favorite athletic socks!
Then we went to the city over the weekend and I wore the Taga Women’s Argyle Dress  socks with my boots. I love these boots but if I wear the wrong socks, they’re not very comfortable. My argyle socks were cute and my feet felt great in my boots. I know they’ll go with all of my fall and winter shoes.

After we got home, the girls went to bed early (woohoo!) and I tried on my Excell Striped Cozy Socks. Yes, they are very cozy. I’ll definitely be wearing these when the weather gets colder and I’ll be pairing them with an equally cozy sweater, hot cocoa and cuddly husband! Oh and I should mention that I was afraid they’d fuzz up in the wash, but they didn’t.I am loving my socks from Socks4Life! There are lots more women’s socks to choose from, as well as socks men and kids. And everything is very reasonably priced…will definitely be returning for more!
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