Clearly The Smart Choice

With a 2 year old dancing around the house, running around the playground, and bouncing off the walls there are sure to be bumps and bruises.  There will even be some scrapes and cuts.  Actually we have already had some liquid stitches. Who knew the library was such a dangerous place!? Keri Cure is the first NATURAL invisible bandage!  Invented by a mom and PhD organic chemist, Dr. Kerriann Greenhalgh founded KeriCure.  Her husband used over the counter wound care medicine on a small cut on his hand.  Unfortunately it didn’t provide the level of care needed and he contacted a serious MRSA (resistant Staph) infection that required surgery to treat.  Dr. Greenhalgh became determined to bring effective wound care and protection against germs to people and their pets so no one had to go through what her and her husband did.

I received Natural Seal to try out on all of our wounds. Natural Seal is a preservative free, string free, protective coating that mimics the properties of skin.  It gives you a natural feel but protects your wounds at the same time.  No more bandaids that pull hair, soak up water if it gets wet, and leave you with a sticky mess on your skin when you take it off.  Use Natural Seal for minor cuts, scrapes and burns.  It will form a “breathable, water-based protectant that can withstand vigorous activities such as bathing and swimming, yet is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.” I recently used Natural Seal on a rug burn I received while being a cool mom at a bounce house park.  After I cleaned the area I just sprayed it on (the picture on the left) and waited a minute or two.

I blotted of any extra and I was good to go!  I am protected from germs and I didn’t have to use any chemicals, have gross dried blood sitting on my skin for days, and I didn’t waste bandaid after bandaid. I like Natural Seal because not only can I use it on myself but I can use it on my boys.  Little guys like them will not keep bandaids on.  Beckham may or may not have sucked a bandaid off his finger when he was little and swallowed it.  OOPS!  (First time mom mistake.)  With Natural Seal I dodn’t have to worry about swallowed bandaids or going through a whole box just to get my kid to leave one on.  I can just clean, spray, and go.  It dries clear so he will never remember he is being protected.  BONUS!  This can even be used on diaper and skin rashes!! Natural Seal retails for $12.99 and can be bought online or at your local Publix, Kroger and Vitamin Discount Center stores.  There is even a protect for your furry friends!!

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