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I received a complimentary gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation. Every mom of school age children (or most) will agree with me when I say that I am ready for my kiddos to go back to school! Summer is full of fun adventures, hours of play, and long summer nights. Summer season always comes to an end…sooner than later when you are having fun, however when it does most moms are excited to get back to a schedule and get their kids back in school. I feel exhausted from summer this year. I am ready for some structure and extra sleep. I remember growing up and late summer my mom would take us school clothes shopping. We were allotted a set amount to spend and we could spend how we wanted. We would get to travel over an hour away, which was not a regular thing we did. I would get very excited when she would tell us we were going. I would usually get a new pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, and a couple of shirts. I remember looking forward to this shopping trip, and I loved finding my style.

Now, as a mom of my own four children I love helping them develop their own styles. I also carried on the tradition of back to school shopping with my children. I tell them how much they have to spend and I let them choose their own style. Of course, I cover the necessities that they wouldn’t get on their own like underwear and socks. My daughter has already expressed her dress in the colors she wears and the patterns she mixes. She does it with desire and passion and it totally works for her. I know because I do a lot of laundry from this little miss each week. Three or four times what I do for her brothers.  My son on the other hand is more conservative and likes plain shirts and items that aren’t as flashy. I love seeing each of their little personalities in the clothing they pick out.

This year I have two school age children and we headed over to our local Carter’s to go back to school shopping. I was impressed by the organization of the store. All the shelves were nicely stocked and it was very pleasing to my eye. My kids immediately headed to their age section and began to shop. My daughter went to everything sparkly and animal print and my son of course went to his favorites which were the simple shirts with fun words and saying on them. I love how everything in the store can mix and match. That makes early mornings easy for this mama. I don’t have to lay out their outfits.

They can easily coordinate their own outfits. Carter’s makes it very easy with all their collections. SMART THINKING Carter’s! Did you know that Carter’s now carries sizes up to 8? They do! That means you can dress your little ones (and not so little ones) at their great stores and at even better prices. If you can’t shop in store, then head over to online for great fall fashions and of course great deals!  Here’s a coupon code to help you save even more! Plus, there will be some great deals coming up in September that you won’t want to miss. From 8/5-8/31 the Count Me In Preschool Sale will have items up to 50% off! Of course you can always find great deals every day of the week. Every time I go in there are always specials going on.


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