Can Your Eating Habits Affect A Covid-19 Vaccine?

This Is A Complex Question

Ever ask a question, and have someone answer “yes and no”? Well, this is one of those questions. What you eat relates to your immune system’s strength. The stronger your immune system, the better you’re able to fight off varying ailments through its natural use.
But the new COVID-19 vaccine will affect regardless of personal health; it just may or may not be a good effect. Side effects are being reported in some.

To understand what’s going on, let’s dive into the biological aspects of your body. Your immune system kills countless (in the millions) bad microorganisms daily. When you get sick, it’s because for some reason your immune system got weak, and was unable to fight off an infection of one kind or another.
This is why, back in April of 2020, Los Angeles found antibodies for COVID-19 practically throughout the population, despite the lockdowns. The disease was spread, and natural immunity fought it off.

The Impact Of Diet

When you eat a bad diet that doesn’t give your immune system anything to work with, of course, you’re more likely to get sick. But it’s not just with COVID-19. Anything will be more likely to infect you when your immune system is on the fritz, and that’s where the vaccine comes in. See, vaccines are generally just inert pathogens of a given virus in an adjuvant.
The adjuvant keeps the inert virus from being a threat, your immune system can then “learn” the pseudo-virus in the adjuvant such that it can fight off the real thing—ostensibly. Adjuvants are known to cause problems. However, things differ with COVID. The COVID-19 vaccine is a different kind with few or no adjuvants; a vaccine relatively unknown to modernity. It uses “mode” or “messenger” RNA.

Diving Into The Biological Engineering Of It

RNA is RiboNucleic Acid. Messenger RNA (mRNA) is genetic material containing organic instructions or “blueprints” for the creation of varying proteins necessary in a given genetic sequence for bodily functionality. So an mRNA vaccine using such a delivery system will, in a subtle way, end up ultimately rewriting an individual’s genetic structure.

This COVID myths and facts article provides a lot of insight into what’s real and what isn’t regarding new technologies fighting COVID-19. What’s important to note here is that owing to the swift spread of the virus, it’s difficult to concretely know anything. Just as an example, they still don’t have a vaccine for influenza or the common cold. The common cold is primarily in the coronavirus family.

Accordingly, what is touted as iron-clad fact presently may well be disproved in coming years. There’s no way to really know until it does or doesn’t happen. So take anything on either side of the political divide as regards COVID-19 with a grain of salt. The political nature of this “plague” is such that we are definitely subject to deception; the question is, from where?

An mRNA vaccine could well be the best way to fight off this virus; it could also result in unpredictable outcomes decades down the line. So what makes more sense than using any new medical solutions is instead being very diligent to care for your body overall. Eat non-processed foods that are organically-sourced and non-GMO. Drink lots of water. Exercise.

Supplementation Considerations

Supplementing with vitamins is a great way to buffer health such that, should you be infected with COVID-19, you can get over it quickly and with the least possible side effects. To that end, you need to supplement with Vitamin C and D regularly. Zinc is also helpful, as is quinine from tonic water. Turmeric and Curcumin have a variety of anti-inflammatory benefits as well.
If you eat several meals a day that are filled with healthy vitamins and supplements if you exercise at least a half-hour three to five times a week, and if you wash your hands, you’re not only more safe from COVID-19 than the average individual, you’re safer from most viruses. While inoculation and masks have their place, they’re no catch-all.

Choosing Solutions That Are Right For You
Whether or not you wear masks or get inoculated is up to you. However, whatever you do, it’s wise to lean into a diet that focuses on natural foods including vitamins necessary for health. It’s also wise to eat right and exercise regularly. If you’re in good health and get a vaccine, there’s a higher likelihood it will work.

But don’t forget therapeutics, either. Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine are known options that are successful when used in the right way with the right sort of supplementation. Zinc is necessary for hydroxychloroquine supplementation, and you need to talk to a doctor to get the dosage right. But this is just a supplement, not an mRNA vaccine.

It’s recommendable to keep in shape and eat right whether or not you get the vaccine. If you do get it, there’s a diminished chance of side effects should your body already be at peak health—so yes, diet can have some effect. Whatever you do, take your time and understand the situation before making a solid choice.

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