Bouncing castles — 5 Fun game ideas for your child’s party!

Do you want to throw your kids the best birthday party ever? Surely, you look back at fond memories of your childhood birthday parties where your parents and friends did something special to fill your little heart with joy. Ordering a fancy cake, buying that beautiful dress, party planning, catering, inviting friends and family—all these came together to build those wonderful memories. When you are on the other side of the fence, as a parent, would you like to take things a step ahead for your children? Being their parent, you always want the best for them. How about giving them a surprise that would blow their minds?!

Bouncing castles add that extra level of excitement, fun and joy to any party. It instantly gives a face-lift to a celebration. Any event or festival is incomplete without one of these fun-filled, creative fabrications!  Are you thinking of a bouncing castle hire in Auckland? Castlemania Bouncy Castles have been around for two decades and offer a safe, and frolicsome experience. You can choose from several varieties, themes, shapes, colours and styles; and they cater to both adults and kids.

Fun game ideas to play inside a bouncing castle

So, if you have decided to throw a house party, and are deciding on a jumping castle for hire in Auckland, it will be the highlight and centre of attraction. Keep your children occupied with any of these games, to help them mingle together, and to keep them occupied. These are some fun, interesting games they can play inside the castle:

  • Statue Freeze:  Start playing some lively music. Instruct the kids to bounce around safely, without hurting one another. As soon as the music stops, they should freeze, or rather, pause any kind of movement. The minute the music ceases, they must pretend to be a statue. Any one of them who keeps moving then, is considered out. The rest continue to bounce as soon as you restart the music. The winner is the last one standing (motionless)!
  • Simon Says:  You have all played this game as a child, and almost everyone knows who Simon is – the one who issues instructions! So, one child or person pretends to be Simon, and gives a command to everyone else about what they should do. It could be any type of movement or action. The rest of them must follow. For instance, you say, “Simon says point at your nose, and dance in a circle.” You will have all the kids pointing at their noses and dancing. One command comes after another, and the game continues. Those who follow the command to the T, are declared the winners.
  • Volleyball:  After securing the parameters, and ensuring safety of the children, you can play a game of volleyball. It is the same way you play on land, except with the added element of bounce and fun. Have you ever tried playing volleyball in a jumping castle? It’s hilarious and would fill up the party zone with laughter and happy shrieks!
  • Switch places to run:  To play this game, each child will be given a token number. Ask them to form a circle around the birthday kid. After everyone has settled in their places, the birthday child will call out two numbers. The kids who were assigned the number that was announced, must get up and switch to the other’s spot. They should be swift, before the birthday kid reaches either of their spot. The child who is left out of their place, loses their spot. The game continues this way, and the player left standing will call the subsequent two numbers.
  • Dumb Charades:  It’s the same game you play on the ground, that turns into a whole new bout of fun and frolic by becoming bouncy! . The key difference is — while the player’s team is busy guessing the words, the player, her/himself, must bounce around enacting different phrases, like — the names of a film, a telly show or a book. They cannot talk or give hints through speech. Everything must be emoted through actions using only body language. The organisers should keep the themes ready ahead of time, so that the game can be played seamlessly without halt. The team that guesses the most themes correctly, wins the game. This is an amazing game to break the ice and get everyone laughing.

There are several more party games that you can think of. It is easy to keep children occupied with such activities, and a bounce house is an amazing place for playing all these games together. So, for those of you looking for a fun activity to include at a party, to make the party exciting, entertaining and amusing, what better way than getting that bouncy castle?!


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