Best Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

On the work surface there is a process of cooking in all its stages. And it does not happen in one place, and moved from storage products across the table ant set to prepare, place of washing and preparing food place to the plate. Work surfaces of kitchens equipment must be one continuous line of work, allowing no interference to perform all the kitchen work. Stove and sink integrated into the working line. In this case, their upper plane should be level with the table surface,cupboards. If the size and layout of the kitchen does not allow you to arrange a continuous line, the breaks should be done in areas where it ends this or that operation of cooking.

If the kitchen area more than 7 square meters. m. and it is possible to put a beautiful dining table for a few people, thus creating a dining area. Decoration in the kitchen dining area is much easier housework owner of the apartment to decor dining area. This eliminates the need for a permanent placement in the living room dining room table. For holidays and family dinners, you can purchase a table-transformer. If necessary, it is easily removed and due to this increased seating area in the livingroom. The following types of kitchen layouts: single-row, double row, L-shaped, U-shaped, C-shaped and kitchen island. The choice is determined by the shape of the kitchen layout, size and location of the room doors and windows.

Single- Row layout of equipment is recommended at the location of the kitchen in the narrow (width less than 1.9 m) extended the premises where the windows are in the end walls. In this case, about one longitudinal wall is a dining area, and about the other – the cooking area (working area). Designed a modern kitchen for a small family consisting of two people. The main advantage of this plan is that the basic equipment is very compact along one wall.

Kitchen – This is one of the main premises of an apartment and a country house. Mistress of the house and other family members spend in the kitchen a long time. After all, the kitchen is not only a place of cooking and eating, but also a center of communication of the family. That is why, on the correct equipment and improvement of food depends largely on convenience of home work and leisure tenants, as well as comfort and cosiness apartments in intact.

Kitchen Symbol of Comfort

The entire kitchen area is divided into the work area, dining room and the passage area. The working area is designed for cooking.Cooking is a kind of process, which consists of the following basic operations: storage products, training products, cleaning products, preparation of meals; cooking dishes that require heat treatment, distribution of ready meals, washing dishes, cleaning kitchen waste. The whole cooking process takes place at three levels. The first level – it’s working surface, which includes tables,countertops,cabinets,cabinet under the sink and stove.

Dining Kitchen

When the cooking equipment is located, taking into account the sequence of the above operations, it not only helps to rationally organize the cooking process, but also to preserve the energy and time mistress. All items needed during the kitchen work, are in various cabinets tool and on shelves above or below the working surface (the second and third levels).

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