Baby Wearing At Its Finest

With my first son I didn’t baby wear. I tried but I just couldn’t get into it. This time around I was determined to baby wear. I just have to with two children. When I go grocery shopping it is easier to wear one while the other in in the cart.  If I put two in the cart there isn’t any room for groceries. When we go to the mall pushing around a double stroller just doesn’t work in all the stores. It is so much better to baby wear and push an umbrella stroller. Poe Wovens is a Made in America company that specializes in baby slings for baby wearing. Their fabrics are “woven from yarns spun of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp, merino wool, and alpaca hair, untainted by dangerous chemicals.” The patterns and colors are absolutely beautiful. These designs are “inspired by the rolling acres of Addison County Vermont, American culture and heritage, land and city-scapes, the city lights of Paris, and the fields of Provence.”

I received the Poe Wovens Herringbone Lake wrap courtesy of Celebrity Baby Trends.  This is a beautiful blue color that would work well for both mothers and fathers.  The material has a slight texture to it.  This makes it so knots stay really well but at the same time it slides easily for tightening purposes.  Now I am no pro at baby wearing by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, I have another wrap that I tried using once or twice and I gave up on it because it was so much work.  This time I was determined to get it to work and know how to do it well.  The sling comes with a step-by-step picture guide to help you figure it out.   There are also a few videos on Poe Wovens’ site to help you out.  After a few attempts I was able to figure it out.  I would suggest doing it with a baby doll first…otherwise by attempt number 3 your baby is mad at you)

I received this wrap in a size 6 (a medium).  It measure 183″ long.  This may seem really long but by the time you get baby all wrapped up it really isn’t that long….at least on my body.  As you can see by the picture of the back of me above the tails aren’t very long after all the wrapping is done.  Just for reference a Moby or Boba style stretchy wrap is around 212″ long.  Although I love not having a long tail of fabric behind me and getting caught between my legs, I wish mine was a little longer.  I had a hard time knotting this by myself and had to have my hubby help.  Also I assume as your child gets bigger you need more length to accommodate their bigger bodies.  Blake is only 10 weeks.  I would say a size 7, 204″, would be my ideal length.  With that being said, I am still going to use the heck out of this wrap.  I may just have to have a little help tying it…and that is totally okay! I really like that this wrap is a woven and not a stretchy material.  With the stretchy materials I always feel like my baby is sliding down my body.  I never really feel like I have a tight fit and therefore I end up holding baby under the bum with one hand, defeating the purposing of baby wearing.  With Poe Wovens’ material it stays as tight as you make it.  I didn’t have any problem with it loosening as I wore it.

It comes shipped to you in a hand made and locally embroidered tote bag (mine was plain and not embroidered) and includes delicious maple sugar candy.  I think that it is fun that they add the Vermont touch to their product.  I love special touches like these.  The size 6 wrap retails for $115.  This is considerably higher priced than most of the wraps I have seen but this is also a woven rather than a stretchy jersey knit material.  It is going to hold up better, last longer, and it isn’t stretchy, meaning your child will stay nice and secure the entire time you are baby wearing. I love this sling and have fallen in love with baby wearing because of it.  I can’t wait to learn more ways to wear both of my boys.  I want to find my local baby wearing group and have them teach me the tricks of the trade.  I am determined to learn how to do the below wrap.  This would be perfect for the fall and winter.

Cool huh!?  A sling and a scarf in one!

At Poe Wovens they are all about sustainability.  Wasting fabric scraps isn’t an option.  Plus, when the fabric is as beautiful as it is you shouldn’t waste it.   The Poe Wovens seamstresses turn the fabric that is too short for an adult wrap into a doll wrap.  These are fun for girls who like to mimic mommy and war their babies too.  These wraps are about 100″ in length. and retail for $65.

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