Adding A Splash Of Color Streekers Review

Confessional time: my hair is not as blonde as it may appear.  Yes, it is true.  As I have gotten older, my hair has gotten darker.  I tell myself that I can get away with my not-so-natural color because my girls are all this color, too.  I am not sure if coloring your hair makes you feel older, maybe mature, but my girls have an obsession with coloring their hair.  I let Hailee get a few dark streaks (she called them stricks) last summer and we have redone them only one time.  I think she has come to terms with the fact that she has AMAZING blonde hair, but still wants to “accent” it.  I don’t have any problems with that at all.  We have recently tried dying her hair with Kool Aid, only because we knew it would wash out.  She chose red and we just did the ends.  I had NO idea that it would really be RED when we were done.  It did wash out after a bit, but it was there a little longer than I planned.  I have the answer to that dilemma.  Streekers!  Streekers sent us a couple of colors to try….

STREEKERS is true temporary hair color with a difference. Instant. Liquid. Washes out when you want it out. Not a mascara, not a crayon, not a paint. But a cool new hair color that uses innovative technology. In 8 vibrant colors: pink, blue, ultra violet, red, green, yellow, orange, purple.STREEKERS is a stroke of genius at a moment’s notice. It’s so easy to apply with a sleek, sponge-tip applicator that ensures perfect coverage and control. Streekers can be used over mousse, styling gel or wax and followed by hair spray. Best of all, you can brush your hair after Streekers dries. It won’t flake off (unlike other bright temporary hair colors). Your hair will be soft and the color will remain vibrant.
STREEKERS shades are vivid on blondes and blonde streaks and show as subtle highlights on darker hair.My kids have loved having these fun colors and we use them often.  Some of the pictures above are taken on crazy hair day at school-we don’t always do our hair like that!  Streekers aren’t only for crazy hair day, we have used them for every day kinds of hair do’s.  You can see the colored curls in Mia’s hair, the bi-colored twist on Hailee and the bright streaks on April.  I like to do from about 1/2 way down on some underneath hair on me…one hint, don’t color for a race!  I had blue tips for a race and ended up with sweaty blue shoulders and neck at the end of the race.The pink comes out in about 1 wash, the blue took 2 washes.  After the first wash, the color fades quite a bit, but you can still see a blue tint.  I love the orange and the purple and would love to see what they look like in real life!  Streekers are a super fun way to temporally alter your hair color!

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