A Healthy Kid’s Menu! {Carino’s Italian $75 Gift Card Giveaway}

I love food….what I love even better than food is when someone else cooks it for me! Don’t get me wrong I love to cook a good meal for my family, but I don’t like being a slave to the stove everyday. So a nice break out to eat every once and awhile keeps me content.Carino’s Italian invited us in to try out the new healthy kid’s menu, which are all under 500 calories.Yummy, rich Italian comfort food!Since I have been on my diet, I had to send in the men. My hubby and son went out to dinner for a “boys” night! When they got home they reported about their dining experience.

They started with…an appetizer:

  • Mozzarella with Marinara
  • Breaded in special seasonings.

Then they each ordered an entree:

My little guy got the kids spaghetti with meatball. He is a classic pasta boy, he doesn’t want cream sauce or anything else. Just spaghetti sauce on his noodles. He even came home with a little pasta sauce on the corner’s of his mouth. So cute! I was also glad that it was under 500 calories. Once I started looking at the nutrition information of fast food and restaurant kids menu’s… I couldn’t believe how many calories he takes in when eating out. Not at Carino’s. I can take him there and not worry a bit.

My hubby got the Italian Pot Roast:

Pot roast sauteed in red wine marinara with Parmesan, onions, carrots and peppers. He said the meat was tender and the potatoes were really good. He loved it.The boys had a fun night out.  A Big Pasta Face Thanks to Carino’s!Find a Carino’s Italian near you and take the night off!Carino’s Italian is giving one of you a $75 Gift Card!
Here’s how you can enter to win it:

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