A Guide To Metal Roof Maintenance

You should be aware that although metal roofs in Seattle are some of the most durable, they require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and avoid costly repairs.

Regularly maintaining your metal Commercial Roof Replacement in King County is essential. Keep these tips in mind.

Trim Branches Nearby Trees

Trees are a great shade provider during the summer heat. They can also cause damage to a metal roof. You can check the branches of trees near your commercial property or home to see if they hang above the roof.

These branches can cause serious damage to your roof’s surface in a storm, and should be removed. The roof can be further damaged if the paint is scratched.

Keep Drains & Gutters Clean

Tree leaves, sticks, and other debris can build up in gutters and drains. This could lead to serious problems. Water clogging in gutters or drains can cause serious problems. It can corrode metal roofs, cause roof leaks, crack foundations, and even trigger mold growth.

Keep Valleys Clean

There are some roofs with valleys that require regular cleaning and checking. These are areas where leaves, branches and other debris can hide and get stuck.

To safely remove debris from hard-to reach places, it is best to hire a professional.

Inspect Penetration Points Areas

Many roof areas can be damaged by sun, water, or ice. These areas include the connective areas surrounding solar panels, air vents and chimneys, skylights and other. Regular inspections should include a visual examination of the metal and paint for any exposure to chemicals that could cause roof damage.

Also, inspect the metal roofs for damage caused by extreme weather conditions or other elements. Failure to address damage can result in more problems and higher costs.

Contact US to See If The Flashing is Damaged And Loose Panels Seams

Because it protects roofs from water damage, flashing is an essential component. Broken or missing flashing can cause a roof leak and should be addressed immediately.

Panel seams that are damaged or loose can cause leaks. Moisture can leak through gaps and cause more damage if left untreated.

Look For Rust And Corrosion

When the roof paint becomes brittle, metal panels can corrode. Ventilation devices can release chemicals, steam, or heat. It is possible to prevent this by preventing metals from touching each other.

You can clean the roof with a cloth and a mild scrubbing cleaner if it has rust. After removing the rust, you can rinse it off with a garden hose. A metal primer can be applied to prevent future rusting.

We can handle all your roofing needs, from metal roof installation and repairs to routine inspections and maintenance.



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