7 Vital Tips For Hiring A House Cleaning Service

Sure, your house may be as dirty as ever before and you may not be in a good state to entertain any guests for quite a while. However, before you rush to hire a trusted cleaning service or find out whether the best carpet cleaning service has the latest carpet shampoo machines for sale, you might want to stop and think for a bit. Don’t be in such a rush to get hold of the best carpet cleaning , service out there without doing your homework first.

After all, chances are high that you have hired the services of a cleaning service in the past and have been quite disappointed with the results. Either that or you wish that you could have gotten a little bit more work out of the cleaning service. Hence, you need to make sure that the same scenario does not repeat.

On that very note, let’s take a look at some of the pointers to keep in mind before hiring a house cleaning service:-

Interview more than one service: This pretty much goes without saying. Not only is it necessary, but that way, you will be able to zero in on the company that can get the job done. Whether the cleaning job in your house can be done better by a small or large cleaning company, you will only find out once you interview multiple services.

They should be licensed and insured: Even though this seems like a rather insignificant point to note, it is quite important in the overall scheme of things. After all, you need to know whether something will be replaced if it is broken or will an injury (however slim the chances may be) in your house be taken care of. You need to prepare for the worst that can happen.

Describe the scope of the job: This is absolutely vital. You can’t afford to be vague in this regard. Are you looking to get the job done in a day, a week, two weeks or a month? What are the areas that you want cleaned and to what standards? Do you have any preference or aversion for cleaning products? Only once you decide these factors can you explain your requirement to the cleaning professional and get the job done to your satisfaction.

There should be no hidden fees: Most cleaning companies out there might try to lure you with an attractive price quote but later introduce auxiliary costs to blow out your budget. You need to ensure that pricing is completely explicit. During the process of hiring, make doubly sure of the fact that all the services are paying taxes as well as social security. Additionally, you might want to take the help of a skilled accountant to make it clear that you are hiring the individual as an independent contractor and not an employee.

Do not try and attempt any cleaning yourself: This point cannot be stressed enough. The cleaning services exist for one reason only and that is to get a cleaning job done thoroughly. There’s no need for you to add your so-called expertise to the mix. Even if you feel embarrassed about how filthy your house may be, based on the experience of the cleaners at hand, it will certainly not be the dirtiest house they have visited.

Make sure that you declutter your house before: By this, we don’t mean cleaning, but rather clearing up the clutter in your home. Basically, making things easier for the cleaning service at hand by sorting out your personal belongings and furniture.

Make sure that you are at home on the day of cleaning: Even though this is an individual choice, it would be preferable if you were at your house on the cleaning day. That way, you can supervise the entire job and see whether there are any further improvements to be made as well.

Finally, you need to make sure that you hire the best available cleaning service for the job. For that, you will need to do your homework thoroughly and ensure that you hire a trusted and established cleaning service that can get the job done in time. Always remember that whenever you hire a service of any kind, time is one of the most valuable aspects.


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