5 Life Skills Your Kids Should Know Before They Leave for College

When your kids are in school learning their basic math and reading skills, you probably don’t want to think about doing what is necessary to prepare them for college. In your mind, you’d probably like to think that it’s too far off to be (immediately) concerned about.We understand how you feel, but the reality is that time flies (especially when it comes to raising children). Therefore, this is actually the ideal time to instill some life skills into them that they can start putting into practice so that by the time they do enroll in a college or university, they will already be ahead of them game

That’s why we’ve enclosed five essential life skills that your kids should know before they leave off for college—whether that’s next year or 10 years from now:

Determination. Each year, as a child grows, they learn how to become more independent and how to not rely on their parents for as much as they did the year before. This is a good thing because while every kid needs to know that they will always have their parents’ support, they also need to learn how to become their own best cheerleader. If you can teach a child to be determined enough to believe in themselves no matter what, the sky really is the limit.Goal setting. We all know that when we don’t make plans, things can go a bit haywire. It may seem odd to teach young children the importance of setting goals, but it can start with something as simple as knowing what they want to use their allowance money for and then encouraging them to save up and do a couple of age-appropriate chores around the house to earn some extra cash. By being accustomed to setting small goals (and reaching them) now, they will be better equipped make bigger plans later.Finances. No one can be a success in this world if they don’t know how to be financially savvy. As early as possible, children should have (and know about) a savings account, they should play games that involve money and as they grow older, there should be literature and open conversations had about the purpose of money and the good and bad ways that it can be treated and used.Study habits. For the first two decades (give or take a few years) of a child’s life, they will be in school. This means that they will be spending a lot of time learning how to study so that they can pass tests and be promoted to the next grade. Even if learning comes really easy for your child now, classwork will only get more demanding as the years go by. Definitely make sure that they have some good study habits. Whether they want to be a professor, a veterinarian or eventually sign up for some online RN to MSN programs, it will make college life less challenging.Self-care. Although some parents might be tempted to think that doing everything for their child, all of the time, is the way of showing them how much they care, honestly, it can prove to be more of a crutch than anything else. Children need to learn how to care for themselves, so it’s fine to let them hang out in the kitchen while you cook or to help you fold up the laundry. You’re not hurting them by incorporating them into the home’s daily routine. Remember, if all goes well, one day they will be caring for a house of their own and they’ll be glad to know what you’re teaching them…now.

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