5 Diy Homemade Soap Making Tips

If you’re someone who prides yourself on having an eco-friendly lifestyle and you like learning how to do new things, have you ever thought about making your own soap? Not only can it save you money when going to the grocery store but there are several other benefits too. For one thing, since a lot of recipes call for ingredients that you can find in your kitchen, homemade soap tends to have a lot less chemicals (including artificial coloring).Another benefit is that it has been proven to help clear up chronic skin conditions, make your skin cleaner (because homemade soap tends to leave less residue behind) and it’s also a nice gift to give to others.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in trying, we’ve enclosed five DIY homemade soap making tips below:

Research some recipes. Just like with a lot of Do-It-Yourself projects, the first thing that we recommend you do is look online for some recipes. For one thing, it will give you a good idea of the kind of soap that you want to make. Also, it can make you aware of the additional items that you’ll need to purchase beforehand. One website that has some nice options to choose from is Top Inspired. Just go to the site and put “DIY homemade soap recipes” in the search field.
Watch the weather. One mistake that you should avoid when making homemade soap is doing it in humid conditions. The reason why is that soap tends to dry better when it’s not around a lot of moisture. So before you get started, either turn on your exhaust fan and/or air conditioner or put the products in the refrigerator until a cooler day.Use some cookie sheets (and parchment paper). To avoid everything turning into a big sticky mess, as you’re making the soap, make sure that you have some cookie sheets and parchment paper that you can put the soap onto. As an additional bonus, parchment paper helps to dry out the soap as well.

Consider adding some Borax. If you were to go to a website like the ChemistryStore.com for some ideas on how to make some really great soap, a tip that you might see is to add a bit of Borax to your soap recipes. Not only will this give you more of a “sudsy effect” that kids especially will love, but Borax also has a lot of disinfectant properties inside of it. Plus, it’s not very expensive and that is definitely an added bonus.Let the soap dry for a while. You probably know what it’s like to take on a new project or hobby that you can’t wait to share with others. Although it only takes a few minutes to actually make soap, in order for it to form into a hard bar, it is best to wait about three weeks before actually using it. Also, in order to extend the life of the soap, make sure that you put the bars in a place where they can get some good drainage after you use it. That way, it will last for weeks and prove itself to be an awesome DIY investment.

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