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Rest In Peace, Literally, PEACE! {Tot Clock #Review & #Giveaway}

I think the hardest thing I have had to figure out as a first time mom is how to get my child to sleep through the night.  I kept having people ask ... [ Read More ]Read More

Strong and Confident {Strong Confident You #Review & #Giveaway}

Losing weight and getting in shape isn’t easy.  I will be the first to admit it.  But, anything in life that is worth it isn’t easy.  If it was, it wouldn’t be worth it! I have been working my booty...Read More

String Art {ArnieKHandmade Review and Giveaway}

Ever heard of the ‘thin blue line?”  It is the imaginary line that police officers say separates good from evil, doing their job or going too far…say it how you want, but it is a difficult line to walk.  Being a police officer’s wife, I...Read More

Happy Little Feet {KushyFoot #Review & #Giveaway}

Remember when I did a Kushyfoot foot fashion show for you?  I have been wearing my Kushyfoot socks since and loving them.  Kushyfoot sent me some of their athletic styles to give a shot and I am liking them just as much. ...Read More

An Appsolutely Fantastic New Friend! {Ubooly App & Educational Toy #REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY}

Well, you all know how much my little ones love to play games and watch videos on my iPhone; probably all of our favorite toy. I’m pretty sure I’ve made that crystal clear in several prior posts! What is even...Read More

Beckham & Friends {Gunner’s Nook #Review & #Giveaway} * Beckham’s Birthday Bash

On Saturday my hubby and I threw my son one killer Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st birthday party.  This is our first child’s first birthday so there were no boundaries.  I was determined to make this one to remember, although I...Read More

Quick and Easy Access {ZIPaboo #Review & #Giveaway}

Changing a diaper of my 1 year old feel impossible sometimes.  He is rolling around and trying to crawl off the changing table.  I have to give him ... [ Read More ]Read More

Luxury, Fashion, and Functionality {Velvet Pepper #Review & #Giveaway}

Before having a baby I was a purse fanatic.  Then once my little guy came I got sick of carrying a purse and diaper bag and a kid, so I gave up the ... [ Read More ]Read More

1st Birthday Frenzy {Little Bird Paper Shop #Review & #Giveaway} * Beckham’s Birthday Bash

Pinterest is a killer when a first time mom (aka ME) turns to it to get ideas for a party.  There are SO many ideas out there and I wanted to do it all.  Only, I just didn’t have the...Read More

#1 Dad {Oreo #Review & #Giveaway}

As a little girl I looked to my dad as someone I wanted to be like.  He was a great baseball player and so I worked hard to be a great softball ... [ Read More ]Read More
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