use reuse and save

There are so many benefits to nursing.  Of course there is the health and bonding benefits but there is also the cost savings.  Formula feeding is expensive.  With my first baby I had to supplement from week 1 and only was able to nurse until he was 5 months old.  Luckily with my second, who is almost 5 months now, I am still nursing like a champ.  Nursing isn’t completely free though.  Some moms need to buy a pump because they over produce, their baby won’t latch on, or need to go back to work.  Some moms buy the nursing pillows, covers, or clothes.  But I have yet to meet a nursing mom who doesn’t have to buy nursing pads.  It is part of the game.  If you don’t have those little babies you can’t potentially look like a real mess.

Cake Maternity understands the cost associated with nursing pads and found a solution.  Cake Maternity is a Australia based maternity brand that is empowering pregnant and breastfeeding women.  They never compromise superiority and quality of their products.  They want to help women feel sophisticated and strong but subtle, sensual yet familiar & indulgent yet practical!

Cake Maternity sent me a set of their new CupCake Nursing Pads to review.  I received a box of the reusable nursing pads and a box of the reusable nursing pad liners.  Each box contains 4 each.  These washable nursing pads are made from natural fibers and organic cotton.  The liners are absorbent hemp-cotton fleece and a leak proof barrier.  This helps mom stay dry.  They are also pocketed in case you need a little more protection for periods of heavier flow or overnight use.

I have really liked using these.  They absorb well and keep me dry.  They aren’t any bulkier than disposable nursing pads so that is nice.  Also, when I use the disposable pads I adhere them to the indie of my bra.  Even though they are stuck I find that when I roll my bra down to nurse they end up moving and then the adhesive sticks to another spot on the pad.  GRR!  Frustrating.  With CupCake Nursing Pads they don’t slip.  It is so nice!

Typically I just have to use the pads.  Recently my son has been sleeping longer and longer at night and while I wait for my body to regulate to this change I use an added liner at night.  It it is nice to not wake up soaked.  After using them I just toss them in the wash (in a lingerie bag) and they are ready to use again.  They do come out of the dryer in a crumpled ball but they flatten out easily and don’t require ironing.

The nursing pads retail for $16.90 and the liners retail for $8.90.  Normally I buy a box of 100 nursing pads for about $13 a box.  I am on my third box of 100 already.  So I have spent about $40 and will just use and toss.  With Cake Maternity’s CupCakes I could buy 6 sets of pads (3 boxes of 2) for about $50 and use and use and use them and with more then one pregnancy! Not to mention I would be reducing my ecological footprint!  Green is good!

These would make a fun and unique present for an expecting mom or treat yourself to something you know you will love.

Cake Maternity’s CupCake Nursing Pads are Real Mom approved!

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