tub time with tomy

My boys love playing in the tub!  In the cold weather it is like a little hot tub or indoor pool.  When we find toys that can be used in the tub or the little pool in the backyard we know we have a winner.

TOMY‘s mission is to make the world smile.  With their innovative, high-quality toys and nursery products they are doing just that.  Chuggington, Pokemon, Pajanmials, Sonic, and more are bringing smiles and cheer to kids all around the world.

TOMY took my kids’ bath time to a whole new level with three new and exciting toys.  We received See Under the Sea SubmarineWater Whistlers, and Fountain Rocket.  When these three toys arrived Beckham could hardly stand it.  I couldn’t even take pictures fast enough.  The boxes were torn open and clothes were thrown off.  NO JOKE!  That kid was ready to take a tub stat!!

The See Under The Sea Submarine is a fun battery operated toy that lights up and plays music.  Dive the sub under water and watch the lights turn on and listen to the seaside tunes.  Push down on the blue periscope and hear other submarine sounds.  You can even put Captain Walrus on the top and push the launcher to make him dive into the water.  (He is hiding in the hole in the picture above.  Beckham wanted him to see the fish too.  ) This fun nautical toys will bring hours of fun both inside the tub and pool but also during playtime.  It retails for $27.99.

The Water Whistler is a silly water-wing-wearing dolphin that sings during playtime.   Just drop this cute buddy into the bath or pool and listen to it squeak and sing it’s little dolphin whistles.  Give it a squeeze and watch it shoot water out of it’s blow hole.  Beckham was amazed with the noises and Blake thought it was the silliest thing he had heard.  Once Beckham figured out it could squirt water we were doomed.  I was wet, brother had a face full of water, and Beckham was drink tub water.  LOL  This little guy retails for $7.99.

The Fountain Rocket is a cool toy that creates a dome of water as the rocket blasts off.  Put the rocket under the water in either the pool or tub and upon lift off your child will be mesmerized with a neat water effect. The cute little starfish floats and wiggles back and forth as the water goes in and out of the rocket.   This cool toy retails for $14.99.

Purchase any of these toys at Walmart.com and JohnDeereGifts.com

Today TOMY is giving one lucky reader a prize pack that includes See Under the Sea Submarine, Water Whistlers, and Fountain Rocket…a value of over $50!

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