Top eateries in Bunbury you cannot afford to miss

Irrespective of where you are planning to take a trip, two things make your trip remarkable- food and gorgeous locations. If you are on a timer where you have just a few days to explore an unknown city, a few places can be ticked off your list without any remorse, but the same phenomena do not apply on food. Every city has something different and unique to offer to you like tourists, and food plays an essential role in mesmerising and enchanting you. If you are a real foodie at heart, here is a list of restaurants you cannot afford to miss when in Bunbury.

  Nicola’s Ristorante

If you are an Italian food lover, then you just read the name of your heaven. Nicola’s Ristorante is one of the best places in Bunbury to relish in Italian flavours and enjoy the incredible quality food. The services meet your standards, and so does the atmosphere which makes a hit place among the locals as well as the tourists. Try the pasta for an aromatic seasonings experience and to satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t forget the pudding.

  Corners on Kings

Whether you are a cool customer who does not care about the service and food is your sole aim, or you are a fidgety one who makes a big fuss if you are not getting enough attention from the staff, Corners on Kings is the ideal place for you. The staff is fantastic and makes sure that every customer is treated as per their liking. The food is to kill for, and the taste will stay with you even after you have left the place. Catch up at Corners on Kings for breakfast and make sure you taste the brownie, coffee, and eggs benedict.


The real food charm of Victoria Street lies in the kitchen of Mojo’s, which makes it an incredible spot to eat your heart out in Bunbury. With a certificate of excellence, Mojo’s has a few signature dishes which has huge following among the locals as well as the tourists. It is a perfect spot for fine-dining where you get to taste supreme quality wine and the best warm seafood salad and grilled parma. Don’t forget the oh-so-great coffee to kick-start your morning with a lavish breakfast.

  Market Eating House

For one of the most fantastic dining experiences of your life, take a stroll around 9 Victoria Street and hop in at The Market Eating House. The place is laced with finesse in every aspect from food to staff. Hummus, pork, tapas, and croquettes are some of the names which made it to the long list of delicious dishes offered by Market Eating House. Take your friends along and have a great feast.

  Everest Inn

If you are looking for a traditional Indian food Bunbury restaurant which offers traditional flavours along with top quality Indian food, we welcome you to Everest Inn. With an enormous menu at your disposal, choose a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, rice varieties, veggies and breads and enjoy all the Indian flavours and aroma oozing out of the dishes. Also, if you are a fan of Nepalese food, this is the place to be.

  Drooley’s Pizza Lounge

Can’t do without pizza? Well, we have got the right pizza spot in Bunbury for you. Visit Drolley’s Pizza Lounge and be ready to taste some of the best and most cheesylicious pizzas of your life. The menu caters to all variety of customers, and the atmosphere is all fun and cozy. Take your gang for a much-desired pizza party and don’t forget to order the garlic bread too.

Some of these restaurants could be closer to your Bunbury accommodation but if you need to travel for the others, take the extra mile because delicious food is waiting on the other end. Also, the food is entirely Instagram worthy, so get a ride and enjoy deliciousness at the top eateries in Bunbury.

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