Top 5 Spots For Photography in Birmingham

Birmingham, the city of England, which was a manufacturing hub in the industrial revolution and still has some landmarks from the 18th century standing tall, is a very photogenic city. It has a number of canals which are now beautifully lined with cafes and bars giving the place a very hip feel. On top of that it has some amazing architectural marvels which would make for great spots for photography.

If you’re travelling to Birmingham or are looking for ideal locations to have a personal photoshoot or a photoshoot for a wedding, there are some beautiful places for you to get amazing shots at. 
There are many Birmingham photographers, who conduct their photoshoots here and many instagrammers use these locations for some great clicks. If you’re looking for good locations in Birmingham for photographs, then here’s a list of the top 5 spots for good photoshoots.

  1. Library of Birmingham

This architectural marvel with a bold style and colours, is one of the most amazing landmarks of Birmingham’s modern architecture and skyline. The architect of this marvel, Francine Houben, called this a ‘people’s place’, and it is among the most visited place by tourists, out of London. As amazing as the building is from outside, make sure you also check out the inside which houses some amazing escalators, bookshelves, studio theatre, state-of-the-art gallery space, an amphitheatre and other spaces that are meant for performances. Also check out the amazing view of the city that the top balcony gardens of the library have to offer, for some amazing city view photographs.

  1. Grand Central/ New Street Station

The most famous, largest and busiest station of the city, the New Street Station has got a recent addition, the Grand Central. It is built on top of the New Street Station and is a popular shopping centre, filled with lots of light, space and restaurants. A photograph at this remarkable structure is going to be nothing less than brilliant. The grandeur of the Grand Central makes it an ideal spot for any commercial photographer in Birmingham to get some good praiseworthy photographs.

  1. Rotunda

This former office building is now a residential complex with serviced apartments available on the 19th and 20th floors, offered by the company Staying Cool. If you can afford to stay for a night at the service apartments of Rotunda, then you can rest assured that the view from here will be worth every penny. The luxury of the apartment is not just on the inside, the view of the entire city, transitioning from day to night is perfect for capturing some amazing city photographs in different lighting.

  1. Bullring

One of the major commercial centres in central Birmingham, the Bullring is a great spot for shopping and photography. This shopping centre has been in place since the middle ages and it was named Bullring because the licenses to bait bulls were given here, right opposite the St. Martin’s church. Out of the two shopping centres, one of them was built in the 1960s and one is more recent, built in 2003. The architecture of this building is definitely worth capturing and it is a great spot to click a stunning sunrise, if you can manage to reach here early.

  1. Victoria Square

The Victoria Square houses some majestic and beautiful places for you to see and get clicked at. The famous Town Hall which hosts many concerts and events, the Council House and many other tourist spots are around this area. Walk around the Victoria Square and find different spots for photography or photo shoots, capturing the amazing buildings in the background.


Birmingham has amazing architecture which would make for great backgrounds for photographs. For photo shoots, it’s advisable to go at a time when the rush at these famous places is less so that you can capture all the elements properly and also keep in mind the lighting. If you’re a traveller, then these are definitely some of the top places for you to check out and get the Birmingham travel photographs at.

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