Top 5 Facts About Organic Baby Formulas Every Mom Must Know

There is no argument that breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for babies, but for some moms, it is difficult to breastfeed. It might be due to some health problems, or they want to change the habit of their growing kid. Organic baby formulas are the best substitute to provide your kid with all similar nutrients that breastfeeding has. They are made from natural organic ingredients and give your kids the right nutrition. 

Organic baby formula contains additional nutrients than conventional baby formulas. On the other hand, ordinary baby formulas contain synthetic ingredients that are the major reasons of disease. Some experts were even shocked to find that many of the conventional baby formulas do not have milk powder but refined artificial sweeteners. Lack of nutrition, chemically-manufactured process and high health risks compel parents to shift to organic baby formulas. 

The benefits of organic baby formulas are not limited to its nutrients, but they also help in environmental conservation. Top-brands manufacture organic baby formulas in a natural environment without using any harmful chemicals., It is their quality products that help mom provide the right nutrition to their kids and avoid the risk involved in homemade baby formulas. 

As we have discussed the benefits of organic baby formulas. Check out some amazing facts about these healthy baby supplements.

Facts Of Organic Baby Formula

  • Free From Bovine Growth Hormone: The main ingredient of baby powder is milk. As the cow eat pesticide and chemical-free food and does not require any antibiotics, the baby powder produced from these cow’s milk is free from bovine growth hormone. There were some issues like cancer problems, obesity and contaminated milk produced by cows treated with injections. But as the cow gets organic food, the powder manufactured is free from harmful chemicals.
  • Non-GMO Ingredients: Ingredients used in making organic baby formula are non-GMO (genetically modified). So you ensure there are no GMO substances in the milk and the powder is completely organic. Moreover, companies use standard measures and ingredients certified by State Food Department to give you chemically-free organic milk.
  • Does Not Contain Too-Heavy Metals: In comparison to conventional baby formulas, the quantity of heavy metals like cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury is very low in organic baby formulas. So, they contain very low heavy- metals than the permissible limit, and you ensure your kid is getting the perfect diet for mental and physical development.
  • Contains Nutrients Found in Breast Milk: Many moms thought that homemade baby formulas would provide them with the best nutrients. However, there are likely chances that it has all the vitamins and minerals. Organic baby formulas have additional nutrients like docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid, choline that are naturally found in breast-milk. Moreover, it does not contain artificial sweeteners but still has the same taste as that of mother’s breast milk. Maybe you are not able to breastfeed your little one, but your baby is getting all the nutrients that are required for healthy growth.
  • Balanced Nutrients: Organic baby formulas have fewer mycotoxins and high amount of lutein. Baby formulas rich in lutein are best for kid’s eyesight and brain development, while lower levels mycotoxins develop fewer chances of health risks. So you get more nutrients with protection. Presence of rich antioxidants immune child nervous system from cell damage, lipids and DNA.

Thus organic foods have rich nutrients and are manufactured only in a standard manner without using harmful synthetics and chemicals. Top-brands provide various vegan organic baby formula in different flavours. While they are somewhat more expensive than conventional baby foods but you can purchase them on discounts or coupons. 


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