Confidence Under Construction – 5 Tips To Help You Become More Confident

Working on your self-esteem is a slow process. You can get your hair done and try new makeup techniques, but true confidence comes from within. If you’re looking for some techniques to help you build that inner sense of peace with yourself, the following five tips should help.

  1. Create A Super-Sonic Smile

A smile can instantly increase your approachability and give you a youthful glow. Beauty isn’t just about complexion and aesthetics, it’s about personality. If you have felt the need to hide your smile due to dental issues, it’s going to affect your confidence. Take care of your lips, teeth, and gums, get porcelain veneers, a teeth whitening treatment, or whatever you need to find your smile and let it shine. 

  1. Look At Your Lifestyle

Do you feel sluggish, tired, and unmotivated? As much as you might step outside of your door looking perfectly prepped and pulled together, if you know that you’re covering up a chaotic lifestyle, you’re not going to glow with authentic inner confidence. Take care of yourself, and remember that self-care isn’t always about candles and bubble baths. Rather, it’s about doing for yourself what parents do for their children – get yourself into bed on time, ensure you eat a healthy diet, make yourself accountable for your life. If you struggle with this, you might want to take a self-leadership course. Managing your life effectively can give you a major confidence boost. 

  1. Take A Path OF Self-Discovery And Find Your Passion

Have you ever seen someone’s eyes shining with enthusiasm as they talk about their passion? Think of a parent pulling out a photo of their child or a musician taking their instrument from its case – they’re all confidence and joy! Seek out your passion, and don’t stop looking until you’ve found something you enjoy so much that talking about it lights up your entire being. When you find a niche you’re interested in, immerse yourself in it. The opinions of others will cease to matter, and you will feel confident because you know you are working towards developing a skill you genuinely care about. 

  1. Feel Good About Yourself By Doing Community Work

Feeling good isn’t just a product of what you do for yourself. Having a positive impact on the lives of others will leave you feeling better than if you dedicated that time to pampering yourself. Join your local charity as a volunteer and immerse yourself in the service of others. The humbling experience will give you a worldly sort of confidence and remind you of how fortunate you are and how much you have to offer to the world. The thanks you receive will warm your heart and keep you focused on gratitude instead of self-doubt. 

  1. Try A Public Speaking Class

Does speaking to new people make you nervous? Do you worry that you might say the wrong thing or tell a joke and no-one laughs? If thoughts like these are hindering your confidence, the best thing you can do is join a public speaking class (even if you’re an extreme introvert). A public speaking class will help you communicate with confidence so that people naturally feel at ease around you. It can also help you to speak in a way that commands respect from those around. Public speaking classes welcome people from every walk of life, no matter how nervous you are. 

These tips will certainly help you feel more confident, but if you’re experiencing severe anxiety or mental health challenges, the best thing you can do is seek help from a counsellor or medical professional.

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