Time Management Tips – 6 Ways to Teach Your Teen Time Management Skills

Unmet deadlines can spell doom for one’s career or academic aspirations. Procrastinators generally have a hard time dealing with daily affairs, and due dates constantly keep them on edge.

By now, your teen shouldn’t have to be checked on, nagged, or pushed to do their schoolwork. However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t still help them develop strong time management skills. 

How do you get them to successfully juggle tutors, classwork, and extracurricular activities? Here are six straightforward ways:


  • Lay It All Out

It’s important that your teenager knows what they’re dealing with. Have them write out their timetable so they can plan things better. It’s easier to manage everything with a timetable, and this method doesn’t have to stop with their school schedule either.

Organizing a schedule with their high school tutors, sports, and other extracurricular activities will mean no time goes to waste because everything is planned out. 

Chores and other duties should have their own space too because you’re raising them to become responsible and organized adults.

  • Help Them Decide What’s Important

There are so many tasks that a teenager has to deal with, some of which may clash with their itinerary. That’s why there needs to be a clear distinction between important and less important tasks. This will simplify the decision-making process, so it doesn’t feel like they’re overwhelmed with too many responsibilities.

  • Set Objectives

It’s easier to achieve something if you know what your goal is. That’s why it’s healthy to have expectations of your teenager. Without them, neither of you will be able to tell if things are going off track.

In addition to letting them know that they need to study, your teen should know how long they’re going to spend on each subject. You’d do well to have some sort of accountability measure. Set a timer or have a system of reporting that will help you track their progress (without being a helicopter parent, of course).

  • Develop a Regimen

There’s nothing like the power of routine. You could have the most detailed schedule in the world, but if it isn’t part of your teenager’s lifestyle, there’s going to be a problem. 

They need to know why they’re studying, so it’s important to help them see how all this work now will unlock the opportunities they want for themselves in the future. 

From here, it’s all about creating a study habit. Something as simple as putting a certain scent in an essential oil diffuser can be a great way to initiate study sessions. Eventually, they won’t have to look at the calendar or timetable because the regimen will be ingrained in their subconscious.

  • Get Technology on Your Side

Whether it’s something as simple as setting an alarm or using a mobile productivity app, there are many ways you can leverage the gadgets you have around the house.

Just make sure you have some safeguards in place so that your child’s developing brain isn’t distracted by social media and mobile games. Thankfully, there are apps that can identify and block distractions, allowing you to leverage technology without the risks.

  • Lead by Example

Proper time management is extremely important for a growing young person. This is why you need to practice what you preach. Show them how you manage your time and encourage them to follow in your footsteps. Make it clear that you’re there to assist them in case they need you.

Apply the tips above, consult your teenager every step of the way, and try to be involved without applying too much pressure on them. 



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