the queens treasures

On Ava’s 6th Birthday we had the most amazing girls-day-out with both of her grandmother’s. We took an unforgettable trip to one of the largest doll stores in downtown Dallas and spent the afternoon choosing her first special doll, finding the perfect accessories, and enjoying birthday ice cream sundaes. She is now 7 and a half {the half is very important} and is still obsessed with her doll and all the fun little accessories she has collected. She is a collector at heart and really enjoys adding more to her ever-growing doll accessory collection! When I was a young girl, I absolutely loved my dolls. I played with them far longer than many of my friends. I had hoped Ava would really fall in love with her doll and all the imaginative play it would offer her. I truly think she has. Purchasing different accessories and outfits adds even more opportunities for her play to evolve. The Queen’s Treasures is a fabulous shop offering oodles of outfits and accessories for those 18″ dolls we all adore so much.

The Queen’s Treasures is dedicated to creating quality products made the old-fashioned way… With pride, sold reasonably and designed to pass down from generation to  generation. ~The Queen’s Treasures

The Queen’s Treasures generously sent ava their adorable Salvation Army WWI “Donut Girl” accessory set. She was so excited when it arrived and started playing immediately. The intricate little set comes complete with a flour sack, sugar sack, metal scoop, metal sifter, wooden rolling pin, 6 donuts, and a metal tub to carry it all in. I was really impressed with the high quality of the set. No cheap, plastic here. Each piece is quality and incredibly realistic. This collection is just super sweet and has allowed Ava’s imaginative play to go in a whole new direction. She loves to help me bake in the kitchen and I am seeing and hearing her use all the information she’s gathered from our cooking experiences together in her play with her doll. Earlier in the week we were iced in and school was cancelled for two days. She spent an entire day entertained by her doll and I think she could pretend to bake donuts all afternoon!  I have loved browsing through the Queen’s Treasures website and all the adorable options they offer for little girls and their dolls. Everything from a variety of accessories, clothing from different eras, furniture; even tea sets! Ava already has a wish-list a mile long and can’t wait to order a few more accessories for her doll.

This exclusive 12 piece 18″ doll accessory set includes :

  • a real metal scoop
  • sugar sack
  • metal sifter
  • flour sack
  • wooden rolling pin
  • 6 Doughnuts
  • a metal tub to carry them in

The Queen’s Treasures has created three Salvation Army inspired products available this spring. They will proudly donates 10% of each product sold to the Salvation Army, the international organization that changes the lives of thousands of children, families, and adults in need.

The Queen’s Treasure’s is offering a Salvation Army WWI “Donut Girl” Set to one lucky winner! Complete the giveaway form below to enter to win!