The Best Ways To Spend Your “Me” Time!


 Daily stress, work pressure, multitasking and so much more! We often forget ourselves in this haphazard life! We find ourselves racing against time, often forgetting to take a break even to breathe properly. Your own personality gets marred sometimes amidst all the humdrum. Finding even a little time for leisure (after taking intro stride such hustle and bustle of life) can be so much difficult.

 And when you finally find that leisure time, it’s always wasted in thinking about how to spend it fruitfully – something that would perhaps not be very productive by worldly parameters, but would make you feel contented. And when you finally decide the way in which you are going to spend that free time, that free time often gets over. And you keep sinking in a sea of frustration and depression because of not spending ample of time by yourself.

 Some great ways to spend your Me time!

 A proper planning and prior decision are important to take full advantage of the free time you get for yourself. Let’s see some of the best ways to spend your Me time:

  • A massage or spa — The very best and trusted way to bust the stress! Therapeutic Massage in Auckland by The Sanctuary on Richmond gives you a deep massage in the most soothing way. It’ll release all the knots in your muscles and make you feel relaxed and calm. This therapeutic massage should be taken at least once a month for calmer mind and relaxed body. You just have to pre book your session in the spa and keep your mind off from all your worries to just concentrate on those calming strokes and rejuvenating pressure on your body.
  • Sleep for a while —You may be getting your eight hours of sleep daily. But the nap that you take when you are totally free, just to relax, has its own sweetness. You can just close your eyes relaxing on a soft pillow and forget everything and go into deep slumber to spend your Me time perfectly. Followed by tea in bed, perhaps?
  • A hot bath — A tub full of fragrant bubbles and mild hot water! This is all you need to indulge in relaxation and de-stressing. An hour or half of soaking in the warmth with your favourite music playing in the background is all you need to make your ME time feel wonderfully luxurious.
  • Read yourself something —If you are a book lover, books are all you need! The best friend you can have! You can spend the most precious of your time with your most interesting friend, (a book) and indulge in a light reading session. If you feel like lazing frog, read your favourite book till your eyelids droop and you settle in a deep sleep, just like a baby!
  • A dip in the pool — Give yourself the freedom to float in the water and enjoy its calmness. This will relax you and even kick the stress out. Thus, your Me time is spent unwinding happily.
  • Spoil yourself crazy — Ok! So, it’s your ME time! And you should do whatever it takes to make yourself feel happy.  If retail therapy entices you, go for it. If you are lured by makeover madness, indulge in it!
  • Talk to yourself — You just can’t call it a ME time if some of it is not spent connecting with your soul! You are the best judge as well as the best motivator for yourself. Channel your intellect and inner power for some soul searching. You may feel that your future days are improving as you are in sync with your subconscious.
  • Watch a movie — A movie on your couch or at a theatre nearby, a big tub of popcorn and a coke! Life is set! So is your ME time! An interesting movie would be enjoyable and an exciting way to spend some time by yourself.
  • A soulful music — Music is the best charmer. Even when you want to spend some time with yourself, it would be really enjoyable if you hear some of your favourite numbers. Some of the songs may even make you relate to happy memories!

  Apart from these, you can even treat yourself in a good restaurant, shake a leg at the disco, spend some time on your yoga session, catch up on your Zumba or with your long-lost friends! There can be more such wonderful ways to treat yourself in your leisure time. And you should be doing the same because that’s the least you can do for yourself! Even if simply putting your feet up and staring at the sky gives you happiness, you should do it once in a while.

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