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Ever heard of the ‘thin blue line?”  It is the imaginary line that police officers 

say separates good from evil, doing their job or going too far…say it how you want, but it is a difficult line to walk.  Being a police officer’s wife, I know how what kind of brotherhood  these men have.  They are a family.  It doesn’t matter if you work in the same city, county or even state, you are brothers and you have each other’s back.  Let me just share a cute little story….I will wait if you need to get a warm glass of milk and a blankie   Over spring break, my daughter April wanted to do a lemonade stand.  There was only one nice day during the week….just so happened that both my hubby and I had to work.  The kids all worked together and got everything they needed for the stand.  We made signs, cookies and of course lemonade the night before.  The morning of the big sale,  I realized something.  They had been doing construction on the main street that we live off of for a few weeks.  It was nearly blocking off the end of our street and was making driving very incontinent    I told April, “There is construction and not as many cars are using that road right now.  Don’t be upset if you don’t have a lot of people stop.”  I could tell she was worried, but she said “If any police come, I will give them a discount.  Instead of $.25 for a lemonade and $.25 for a cookie, I will only charge them $.45.”  She thought she was being so generous…an offer only good to officers.  I thought it was sweet and texted Josh and told him if he had a sec to swing by and get some lemonade.  He too though it was cute and was telling his Sargent about it when a Lieutenant overheard.  He immediately said, “let’s get some lemonade.”  In all, they had 20 officers come by….some of which came out of training to go.   April was so proud of herself that she had police cars lined up at her little lemonade stand and she made bank!!!

Back to the thin blue line….

Because officers aren’t always someone you want to see (I get that…I don’t like getting pulled over, either) they get hated on often.  I find it interesting that everyone hates on them when they get pulled over–cuz they are breaking the law–but the cops can’t get there fast enough and solve the problem when something has gone wrong.  It is a confusing world we live in.  I am all over honoring and recognizing our officers.  I have a I <3 My Police Officer tank and a My Heart Belongs to  Police Officer necklace that I wear with pride.  New to my collection is badge string art.  String art, what’s that, you ask??  Let me tell you!

Amanda from ArnieKHandmade makes these amazing pieces of string art.  On a 1/2 inch thick piece of wood, tiny nails make the pattern come to life.  She has hammered 100′s of tiny nails into place to for a picture.  From there, string is added to bring the creation to life.  My design of choice was the badge.  The badge is black with a thin blue line across the center.  When I first saw it, I thought “that’s pretty cool, never seen anything like that before.”  When it came in the mail, I was amazed!  It is gorgeous   My hubby isn’t all sappy and into decorating, but he thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I put it up in the family room and he took it down to show it off at work.  Soon, I was getting calls from wives of other officers asking where I had gotten it because their hubby told them about it.  I don’t want to lead you astray…there are lots of other string art designs, too.  Not just a police badge.  It is the perfect way to honor a parent’s home state or a profession.  It would make an amazing gift for Father’s day to that dad who has everything!

Amanda is a mommy, like most of us are.  But, she is as crafty as all get out.  She likes to upcycle and make someone else’s trash her treasure and that is exactly what she does.  All of her art is a masterpiece!  Her string art includes states, hearts,Spiderman, or what every you can dream up.  She loves to make other’s ideas come to life.  She has been running her Etsy store for a few years now.  She says “This is how I came up with my shop name. “Arnie” is a nickname that my best friend in college gave me. She heard someone mispronounce my last name, which is Aronhalt, and it sounded like Arnie, so it stuck. And the “K” is for the first initial of my son. Hes pretty much the reason I started my little business.”  Be sure to check out her necklace holders while on her site…too die for!!!  I have fallen in love with Amanda’s work!  I am going to have to get me a necklace holder, cuz my stuff is out of control!!

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