stenciling a bedroom wall

I’m so excited to share with you guys a project that I’ve been working on for… over a year now! My bedroom was in SERIOUS need of decorating. I was sick of looking at white walls! With some help from a friend with a “great design eye”, some serious poo poo-ing from my hubby over the cost involved…yes, I looked for deals but decorating isn’t free! ;-), and some searching for that perfect piece to get my imagination rolling, I embarked on transforming my room. I didn’t take a before shot of it because it was well over a year ago that I started this. I can tell you the changes that took place. We painted the walls, making one an accent one. I got new bedding! I’d previously had some hideous gray plaid comforter that I’d picked out when I got married 7 years ago… I wish I still had it so I could show you a picture….it was HIDEOUS!! I don’t know how I EVER liked it! From there, things just evolved slowly. One day out yard sale-ing, I came across an old trunk…for $10! The clouds parted and I knew that was what I wanted my bedroom theme built around… Vintage, Shabby. I’d been holding out decorating because I didn’t know what style direction I wanted to go, until then. So with that in mind, I collected some things to put on the ledge above the room. Some of them I found at yard sales, a couple of pieces I found at my fav stores like Hobby Lobby, Tai-pan and TJ Maxx. Then I found the bedding I loved and just needed to update the furniture and get some visual interest on the walls.

So… fast forward to this year. Earlier in the year I had painted my side tables… they were previously a horrible fake laminate brown color.  I painted them a soft cream. Then I found the perfect dresser and tall boy chest as well. I didn’t want any thing matchy matchy, which was part of my hang up. I waited and waited until the perfect pieces came along. The one major thing left was the wall over my bed.

I had the opportunity to try stencil from Royal Designs Studio. I’ve used stencils before, so I was SUPER excited for this opportunity. I knew right away I wanted to stencil the wall behind my bed. It needs serious help, but I haven’t committed to doing anything decorating wise over the bed because I’m debating between a headboard or just things to dress the wall instead. If I do a headboard, I’ll be waiting until I get a different size bed, and that could be a while. So, stenciling the wall was the perfect solution. I chose the  large Acanthus Trellis Wall Stencil and LOVE it!

I didn’t get a plain before picture, but it was just an empty wall to start with. I gathered my supplies. You’ll need paint, a small foam roller, which I used, or you can use a stencil brush. I haven’t used a stencil brush, but I think the roller is pretty fast and does a great job! I just picked up a cheap roller at Lowes. You’ll need something to hang the stencil with, so get either painters tape or temporary spray adhesive.

When I stenciled before, I used painters tape to stick it on the wall. For this one, I used Hollie’s idea and used temporary spray adhesive to get it to stick. I really liked this method! One pro is that it pretty much sticks where you put it… no taping or stencil flapping or falling when the tape didn’t stick. Just make sure you really cover everything when you spray, especially if you’re doing it inside, which I was because my room is upstairs and I was too lazy to run outside each time! It is REALLY sticky! I used some old sheets as drop cloths! When the spray wore off, I feel like it didn’t fall as easily as the tape, which let me finish that particular stencil without moving or ruining it. Does that make sense? 🙂 The downside was that on just a couple of places, the adhesive took off some of the paint, just a few bits, that I easily touched up after. I waited about 5 minutes after spraying before sticking the stencil on the wall each time, so it may have been my paint quality (Glidden).  The other thing is that when it was time to clean up, the spray left some residue on the stencil. It’s not sticky at all, but it did discolor it a little and it definitely looks used now! It doesn’t bother me, but if you’re the kind who likes every speck cleaned off, you may want to consider using tape instead of spray. Also, make sure your stencil is lined up evenly before painting. There are little perforations on the top and sides where you can line up your stencil that coincide with the previous stencils so you can see where to place it. This was super helpful!

I used some leftover paint I had  (from my side tables) for the actual stenciling. I think it may have amounted to maybe about 1/4 of a quart of paint, in case you’re wondering! The actual stenciling is super easy. Once my stencil was on the wall, I simply used the small roller, used a craft foam brush and painted some paint around the brush. With my previous stencil, I actually rolled it in paint, but I feel like it loaded it too much. You don’t want very much paint on the roller at all, or else it can leak under the stencil and you won’t get crisp lines. I found that just kind of dabbing the paint on the roller was good. After that, I rolled it once or twice on a paper towel to unload it even more and then just rolled it on the stencil. It’s best to start with pretty light pressure at the beginning since you will have the most paint on the brush at first. I did a light coat all around the stencil, then went back over everything and filled it in really well, pressing harder toward the end. I was able to fill in the whole stencil with one round of paint each time. I didn’t get a picture of this process because it’s really just a feeling you will feel. It took me about one or two stencils on the first project to get the feel of it. This time around I was good from the start. I also started in the center of the room and worked my way out so that it was even on both sides of the wall. I chose to leave the edges unfinished because I like how the negative space frames the stencil. If you wanted to fill it in, you’d just simply bend your stencil into the edge of the wall and fade it into the corner. The whole thing took me about 3.5 hours. But I also took a break to feed Bug and help put Peanut to bed. So if I had to guess I’d say it maybe took about 2-2.5 hours.

That was it! Clean up was pretty easy. I finished late at night, so I simply filled the bottom of the tub with water and a little dish soap and let it soak all night. The next day I used a kitchen scrapper square to peel off the paint and dish soap and a green scotch brite pad to clean it. Just don’t let it go down the drain! It will come off in big globs and it’s easy to collect and throw away!! 🙂

I love how this turned out! It’s a great way to add dimension to any wall and to create some great visual interest with minimal time and $$! How do you think it looks with the rest of my room? 🙂 Now I just need to convince Hubby I deserve need new lamps! 🙂