sip a cup of spin brewed tea or coffee

New from Remington Designs and iCoffee, innovators in the coffee brewing world; the Opus, a single serve brewer that finally addresses consumers desires for more flavor and smoother aftertastes.  

Up to this point, single serve technology has focused on convenience.  Just about everyone I know (including my office, car dealership & dentist!) owns a Single-Serve brewer for quick, mess free cups of coffee & tea.  If you are unfamiliar with this type of brewing let me give you the cliffnotes;  pre-packaged covered cups filled with coffee/tea are inserted into a brewer specifically designed to hold single serve cups.  Then hot water is pressured through the cup via a small hole the brewer creates dripping the coffee or tea into a mug waiting beneath.   There are so many flavors of “cups” on the market, from dark roasted coffees to dandelion tea, that every preference can be met.

The problem with this basic technology, in my opinion, is that flavor is sometimes sacrificed for convenience.  Afterall, it only takes seconds for the water to shoot through the pre-packaged cup.  To solve this issue iCoffee and Bruce Burrows have designed a spin brew technology to change the way single serve brewer users experience taste.  Genius!!  The concept is that the needle which normally punctures the pre-packaged cup isn’t stationary but rather uses jets to spin, steam and stir the coffee or tea inside the cup while brewing, reaching more of the grounds/leaves.  Since more of the grounds/tea leaves are experienced, a more pleasant, less bitter flavor ensues.  A recent study by Ohio University Sensory Science Group reported sensory differences when using the same brand k-cups, confirming Opus produced a better cup of coffee than its competitors.

I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I love tea.  Tea is something that really needs to steep to draw out natural flavors, so I often find single serve brewers lacking.  Since I already had a Keurig (spoiler:  which I am replacing now with the Opus!),  I thought it would be only fair to test the two side by side.  I was super excited about the Opus’ spin brew technology because in theory it should work well at getting me a more full bodied tea flavor.  I used my own organic peach loose tea in the reusable iCup that was included with my Opus brewer. (Side note:  How wonderful to INCLUDE a reusable cup with the brewer for freedom of choice…….I remember having to purchase my own for the Keurig for $18!).  I also added a half teaspoon of wildflower honey to each cups of tea.  My conclusion;  the Opus did indeed have a more flavorful brew than that of the Keurig model I own who’s taste was more watered down.

With the dial-a-brew system, the Opus offers choice in the amount of water that brews, from 4oz. – 12 oz. in 1/2oz. increments.  The great thing about this regarding tea, is that I can make my tea stronger or lighter depending on which setting I select.  I can also make iced tea by removing the magnetic drip tray, placing a taller cup filled with ice underneath and using a lower ounce setting.  Brewing is simple.  Fill the water reservoir, press the button above the iCoffee logo opening the lid, place your pre-packaged cup or iCup inside, press closed, select brew size and finally push button.  I love that the reservoir and dripping area light up blue.  The design is not only functional but also sleek and attractive on my counter.

Another Opus feature is the SafetyLock system which prevents the brewer from opening during brewing with a mechanical lock that secures the brew head and a secondary electronic safety to shut off water flow if necessary.  iCoffee wants to ensure their brewers are safe and prevent burn-related injuries.

The iCoffee Opus is Real Mom Recommended!!  It is available at Bed Bath & Beyond, retailing for $139.99.  iCoffee also offers an Express single serve brewer that will be available this year retailing for $99.   iCoffee’s Opus is compatible with most pre-packaged cups brands.  If you don’t have a single serve brewer, I would definitely consider purchasing the Opus.

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