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I have never been more excited to tell you about a review I have performed! I completed a review on Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring!
I have lived in my home for 10 years and have had the same builder grade carpet and tile. This is our first home and we were very excited about it and everything that it had to offer. Well, several years later and constant wear and tear from children our floors had paid their dues. My husband and I have been wanting to switch things up a bit for a very long time but were not sure what we wanted.
In our home “high traffic” has a whole new meaning. We always have people coming and going and there is never a dull moment. Our dull beige carpet in the living room and hallway took a real beating over the years. I almost forgot that when we first moved in our carpet was beige instead of tan! We had picked tile in our dining room and kitchen and over the years it had cracked in several different places. Our flooring needed a dramatic overhaul!

So what did we choose? Laminate wood flooring was the solution we had been waiting for! Select Surfaces has several shades to choose from and I am not going to lie… it was a hard decision choosing a shade. Over all, Vintage Walnut was what we thought would look best. I love the realistic look of hardwood but only at a fraction of the cost! The attractive design and detail in the wood is amazing! The laminate is “raised” so it has the contours of real wood that helps it stand out. I love being able to tell people that it is laminate and not hard wood. The looks on their face is priceless.

Demolition was very gratifying! I was so excited for our new look that I could not wait to start ripping out the old floor. So we put gloves on and started our new journey.
After we got the old tile and carpet out of the house we made sure that our sub floor was clean and prepped according to the manufacturers’ guideline and started our new adventure. I loved how easy the laminate fit together. Each piece has a tongue and groove so I was able to help my husband install it. There is a foam backer on each piece so it eliminates the need for an underlayment unless you are putting it directly over concrete instead of a sub floor.

Type: Click Laminate Flooring
Shade: Vintage Walnut
Finish: Medium Embossed
Features: Easy fold-down installation; attached foam backer
Edges: V-groove edges on all four sides
Thickness: 8.3 mm + 2 mm
Plank Size: 47.76’’ x 5.67’’ x 0.41’’ / 1213 mm x 144 mm x 10.3 mm including foam backer
Box Coverage: 16.92 sq. ft. per box
Warranty: Residential limited lifetime
As we moved from room to room I really loved our trendy new look. It is amazing how it gave our home that updated feel we were looking for without a lot of trouble.
After it was completed, I put my house back together. As the days go by I love my new Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring even more. It is comfortable to walk on. I was a little worried about how cold the flooring would be on bare feet but I have been pleasantly surprised. It has not been as cold to walk on as our old tile was.

As I stated before I have high traffic in my home. When it comes time to clean it I have used a damp mop and cleaned spills immediately. I have noticed that if I use distilled water that it does not show streaks in the sunlight. I have been quick to wipe up any spills and do not let standing water on it.

Overall, I am would recommend Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring to anyone. I feel it has helped the resale value of our home tremendously! I am excited to test it daily and give updates for anyone who is looking for a change and a do it yourself project this summer!
Don’t wait any longer go get yours today at Select Surfaces or your local Sam’s Club. You won’t be disappointed!

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