Redecorating your home? Make it look like the work of an Interior Designer

With all due respect to the amazing interior designers around the world, sometimes redecorating one’s own home is fun, exciting and a lot cheaper. However, it is also true that putting together an ensemble of interior decor elements that are not only fabulous but also functional can get tricky in case of DIYs.

But whatever the constraints might be, who doesn’t like a dash of luxury, style, and class in the decorations of their house?

So if you too are looking forward to redesigning your house but don’t know where to start, read on. We have some useful tips for making your home interiors look like the work of a professional.

Flip through a Glossy

For years humans have found solutions to their biggest problems in a magazine. That same magazine or its millennial equivalent, Pinterest, also has beautiful ideas you need for your home decoration.

So cut out or ‘pin’ the things you love and make an inspiration board for getting started.

After you have enough pictures that speak to you, step back and take a look at the design story at your hands. Eliminate the things that don’t ‘go’ and you will have an inspiration to start working.

Select your colors: The rule of three

Now that you have a pretty good idea about the style of the elements that you would love to see as a part of your own home, it is time to select the perfect color scheme for it, which can be a difficult decision to make.

To make things easier for yourself, follow the rule of three. It means that there can be a mix of three different colors or shades – the main color for the walls, the secondary elements’ color such as the couch or other furniture and the last one for smaller components like paintings, flowers or other decorations. You can even bring the ceiling and floor to follow your decided color scheme.

For instance, here the 3 prominent colors used are white, stone and teal and they are all working in harmony.

Go bold with your furniture

Well, to put simply, putting too many small pieces of furniture in a room only creates a clutter, regardless of how pretty they are individual.

So ditch the small, leggy tables and chairs and go for making a statement with a more filling and pronounced piece of furniture and a few others that complement it.

Notice the big single couch in this room with clean, short legs of the center table. They are forming a minimalist style yet are appropriately accessorized without too many cluttered small pieces of furniture.

Pick up some art

If you don’t know it yet then let us tell you that selecting art for your home is quite an art itself. If this is your first time then follow these rules for choosing the perfect painting.

  • Buy something you really love. You will look at it every day. Thrifty Mrs, a UK money-saving blogger, offers tips on Ikea discount cards and other top manufacturer’s voucher codes.
  • Create contrast with your art. If your room is traditionally set, pick up a contemporary piece that complements that space.
  • Splurge on quality frames and protection
  • Discover local and small artists (their wonderful and underestimated art pieces are available online as well)
  • Well-known paintings are a treasure worth insuring.

Apart from this, always keep your art protected from all kinds of natural disasters and accidents, especially if you have a precious oil or fresco.


Keep clicking photographs of your progress throughout. It will help you in staying on track with the design. It’s your home, and nobody, other than you, knows what will fill you up with delight every morning when you wake up and look around the house.

So dream it and design it just the way you like.

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