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Now that we have resolved one problem in the kitchen let’s keep on going.  Have you ever had a sippy cup that when it is dropped on the floor the lid pops off and it spills all over?  True story!  My mother-in-law can my son a sippy of root beer and he knocked it off the table.  The lid popped off and the soda went all over her rug.  UGH!  Why do things like that have to happen at someone else’s house, on your newly cleaned carpet, or at a restaurant.  Those little plastic cups and lids just don’t stay in place when up against a 2 year old.

SipSnap are designed by two mothers who saw a problem and wanted to find a solution.   They set out to “decrease the hassles and increase the joys of parenting!”  They created the SipSnap, the original one size fits all sippy cup lid.  These lids help prevent spills and at the same time keep your kitchen from over following in sippy cups, lids, and the little valves that go inside.

These cool silicone lids simply slip on the top of practically any cup turning it in to a sippy cup or a lip with a straw.  These lids won’t pop off if the cup is dropped, nor will liquid leak out the edges if the cup is tilted.  (Note: these are not leak proof but at least the liquid won’t dribble out on your child’s shirt while they drink)  The 100% food safe silicone makes the top chew resistant while keeping the cup spill proof.  Using lids like this not only do you keep your floors free of spills but you can teach your kids to drink out of cups you already own.  It even has a roll stop bumper so if your cup is tipped over it isn’t going to go too far!  GENIUS!

SipSnap comes with a travel case.  I LOVE THIS!  Now I can keep on in my purse and one in my diaper bag.  No more embarrassing spills when we are out to eat.  This also comes in handy when we go to Grandma’s.  We don’t have to risk leaving our precious sippy cup there.  We just pull out the SipSnap and then put it in the case before we leave.  Also, these are great when you child wants a little soda.  Soda and sippy cups are no bueno.  The carbonation has nowhere to go so they end up bubbling over.  Both lids have an air escape hole so you don’t have to worry about it creeping out the sippy or up the straw!

SipSnaps are available in set of 3 that fold compactly for easy storage.  These are dishwasher and boil safe for quick sanitation.  The sippy lids are currently 3 sets of colors available: Blue Quench (the three blues show above), Rise N Shine (the pinks and yellows shown above), and Sandbox (red, green, and aqua).  The straw lids are currently available in 3 sets of colors as well: Blue Quench, Rise N Shine, and Coastal (red, aqua, and charcoal).  Each set, no matter the style, retails for $19.95.  FROM NOW UNTIL 4/30/15 USE SipSnapRMRV FOR 15% OFF!

SipSnap are Real Mom approved and kid loved!

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