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Don’t you love when companies see a real problem and then create something to fix it!?  These products make life easier and make you think, “Why didn’t I think of that!?”  One of these problems is food clean up.  Those dispensers are such a joke.  The cardboard boxes fall apart easily and the edges can be sharp.  I can’t tell you how many times I have opened the drawer and caught the lip flap and ripped the box or jammed the drawer.  The more you use the roll of cling wrap, tin foil, or parchment paper the more the box looks like it came right out of a war zone.

ChicWrap saw this problem and were determined to fix it.  “We used the finest, most durable materials available to create a very easy-to-use dispenser with unique and appealing packaging graphics that have broad consumer appeal”.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to review ChicWraps with the plastic wrap.  I can honestly say I don’t use any other plastic wrap.  Not only is my roll still going strong but it is the only dispenser I would ever use for plastic wrap.  With Chic Wraps you don’t unroll, rip unevenly, and then unball the plastic wrap.  It dispenses easily, cuts smoothly, and sticks great!  I will never use another dispenser!!

This time I got the chance to try their aluminum foil and parchment paper dispensers.  They are both a little different design than the plastic wrap dispenser I have but they work just as great!  The foil is nice and heavy duty, pulls out smoothly, and cuts with ease.  The parchment paper is nice and big but still fits in the drawer.  It is PaperChef Culinary Parachment Paper….top quality!!

The ChicWrap Parchment Dispensers allows you to quickly and easily dispense and cut your parchment to meet whatever size needs you have.  Simply slide the “patent pending CleanCut SlideCutter” across the top.  This reusable dispenser is designed to hold 15″ rolls up to 82 sq. ft.  For $18.99 you receive this amazing dispenser with one 41 sq. ft. roll of PaperChef Culinary Parchment Paper. “Culinary Parchment products are not only 100% biodegradable, but they are also FSC and Kosher certified.”  This is easy to wipe clean and has four rubber feet to keep it from sliding all over your counter top.  I love the pink, coral, mint, and brown bakery designed box.  It has such a great retro vibe to it.

The ChicWrap Foil Dispensers aren’t just super cute, they are designed to take on “tough jobs like lining pans, freezing and grilling.”  Easily cut your foil by using the “patent pending CleanCut SlideCutter”.  Each dispenser can hold “any 12” foil up to 200’, and comes with one 30′ roll of professional culinary grade aluminum foil.”  Like the parchment dispenser you can wipe the foil dispenser clean….helpful when it is out by the grill.  For just $17.99 you can add this cute orange, black, and metallic silver foil dispenser to your kitchen must-haves.  Even guys with think this is great!

ChicWraps are the greatest thing that have happened to cling wrap, foil, and parchment paper.  Get these for your kitchen!  You won’t be able to picture your kitchen without them once you do.  Use the code REALMOMS to Get 10% off your order!!

ChicWraps are Real Mom recommended!!

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