perfectly polka dots

If you saw the review I posted yesterday, then you know that I stress for the perfectly perfect running outfit when I race.  It’s a whole package…you gotta look good from top to bottom!  A fun shirt is an absolute must, but from there everything else is icing on the cake!  Since I was running a 1/2 marathon, I had to do it right.  This was only my 2nd half and I had big goals set.  I mostly just wanted to beat last years time, but secretly I wanted to crush it.  Since I was running with 5 friends, another goal was to finish first.  I didn’t know how realistic that one was, but I was going to try.  Third (and most important) I wanted to look the cutest!  My girlfriends all got new shirts for the race, but I wasn’t going to settle for just a shirt!  So I started searching….  My search lead me to Running Behind.  I wanted a fun running skirt, but in the past I have had a hard time finding one that I felt like was flattering and not made for a bean pole 18 year old girl.  I have tried on quite a few, but I have only purchased 1–only to find that it wasn’t as great as I thought it was.  The shorts underneath are too short and the waist band is too high.

Introducing our line of Flirt Skirts!! These super cute and comfy skirts have just the right amount of sassy to get you moving. Flirts are designed to be worn with your favorite compression shorts , tights or capris. Some have sparkle, some have ruffles , some have pleats but they all have a bit of fun!! I specialize in the tough to fit girl. (I am one) so custom orders are always welcome.

Running Behind sent me the Super Flirt Running Skirt in Black with Mirco Dots.  Holy Freaky Cuteness!  I love this skirt!  My favorite part: the pleats across the back.  They aren’t the kind that makes your butt look big, they lay flat and just look cute!   They run petty true to size.

Running Behind seemed to fix quite a few problems with the skirts that I have tried on.  My first issue is usually the length.  I have hips and thighs, neither of which are my favorite features.  I want to hide them, not let the world see them!  Running Behind skirts are a smidgen longer.  They come in 2 lengths- Regular (13-15.5 inches -depending on waist size) and Just a Little Longer (1 1/2 inches longer than regular length.)  With these 2 choices in length, you are sure to be happy with the coverage.  Hold on though, it gets better.  If you have ever noticed, woman tend to have a little more junk in the trunk making skirts sit weird.  The back rides up and your tooshy is hanging out.  Not with Running Behind.  There is a little extra fabric on the back so when you have it on, it sits perfectly.  My favorite, favorite, FAVORITE part of the skirt is that they are shorts-less.  Yeah, nothing under the skirt.  This makes it so you can choose what goes under the skirt.  You can wear booty shorts, capris, or running leggings.  I went with not quite booty shorts.  They were mid thigh so I didn’t have to worry about my thighs rubbing together while I ran causing a rash.  I love the stretchy spandex fabric.  It didn’t slip or move while I ran.

I loved wearing my Super Flirt Skirt!  I want MORE….1 in every fabric and color!  One with sparkles, one with ruffles and one in plaid.  I need them all!  One for every race!  I have never been as happy with any running skirt that I have ever tried on as I am with Running Behind!

Running Behind is kind enough to give Real Moms $5 off any purchase of $25 or more!  Just use coupon Code RMRV5 when ordering