How to Select the Perfect Tiles for Each Area of your Home?

Choosing the perfect tiles for your home can be a tough task. You have to decide what goes with what and decide accordingly. Tiles are a good option if you are someone who likes to have a wide option to choose from. They are affordable and some are even customizable. Here are some tips on how to select the perfect tiles for each area of your home. 

1. Know your Area

First of all, you need to picture the area you need to put tiles on. There are different types of tiles like marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, etc. available in the market. To make an estimated budget, you have to know the total area where you need tiles to be installed. You also need to think about the traffic in the area before deciding on patterns and pigmented model as they may deteriorate at high traffic area. Similarly, bathrooms should be installed with slip-resistant tiles. 

2. Focus on Aesthetics

When you plan the living room and lobby, you should not compromise on the aesthetics of the room. To enhance the appearance some people prefer wall tiles NZ. This is easy to clean and dust-resistant, unlike paints. You can consult an interior designer if you are planning on a luxurious look. There are some tips and new trends that only these people can render. 

3. Choose Depending on the Traffic

One major factor considered by tilers in Wellington is to choose tiles depending on the traffic on that area. If you have kids at home or if you are a huge family, this will be a crucial factor. You can install granite, marble type of tiles because this won’t wear easily. These tiles are somewhat more expensive than normal tiles. 

4. Check for Hardness

Checking for hardness should be done depending on the movement on it. These can be categorized into 3 classes. 

Class I – This is where there is no traffic like walls.

Class II- Light traffic areas like bathrooms and bedrooms without exterior access is class II. 

Class III –  Light to moderate traffic and exposure to less dirt. Countertops and kitchen floor are examples for this category.

Class IV – Moderate to heavy traffic areas like entryways, kitchen, living area, etc. can be considered under this category.

Class V – Heavy to extra heavy areas like commercial spaces and entrances. 

5. Go for Porcelain Tiles

If you want a versatile, strength, moisture-resistant material you can choose porcelain. It is durable than ceramic and comes in different styles, colors, and patterns. With the advancement in technology, slip resistance and moisture resistance can be increased to be ideal in the kitchen and washrooms. For high-end wood-like look can also be achieved with porcelain tiles. These designer tiles can be printed using an ink-jet printer.  

6. Install Stone Tile for a Luxurious look

Marble, granite or travertine can elevate the look of any space. If you are looking for a luxurious look, this is your best option. Stones can give you a naturally beautiful feeling. Large sizes like 12 by 12 is done with these expensive stone to look elegant. Unlike other tiles, these need to be sealed or otherwise might get damaged. It may crumble if not sealed properly. Also, these heavy stones need to resealed every 5-10 years so that the lifespan is longer. 

7. Try Light Color Tiles for a Spacious Look 

Install colours like sand, beige, white, cream, etc. to look spacious. Due to the light they reflect, small rooms can be made to look bigger. Ceramic or marble can be a good option for this type of installation. You can also use similar wall tiles to enhance the look of the room. To expanse to a seamlessly flowing look choose matching grout colour. 

8. Real Hardwoods can be Replaced with Ceramic Wooden Tiles

Ceramic wood-like tiles are available instead of real hardwoods. They are durable and easily maintainable tiles which can give a posh look to your bedroom. It is an ideal floor area like bathrooms and kitchen where hardwood cannot be used.


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