Perfect For My Newborn Holiday Travel

We are expecting our little bundle of joy to arrive any day now and with the holidays the QuickSmart 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet couldn’t have arrived at a better time. From traveling and visiting family we weren’t sure where we would have the newborn baby sleep? Until now.  The QuickSmart 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet is the perfect solution.  It weights just over 6lbs, so it’s easy to carry and take with us on the go.  We can put it in the car and take it from place to place.  It would also be a great item to take on longer plane trips too.  It’s convenient and smaller than a folding playpen for baby to sleep in.

It’s very easy to use. You simply unclip the side latches and diaper bag carrying strap. Then unfold and fold up the side panels and secure with the Velcro. That’s it. Then it is ready for use as a bassinet.  It can also covert from diaper bag to hygienic changer in a similar process.  I think we will mainly use it as a travel bassinet though as that’s the feature we love best.  It’s also great that it has the diaper bag pockets because I am able to keep all the baby extras that we need when traveling close on hand.


  •  3 in 1 Diaper bag, hygienic change station and instant travel bassinet
  •  Change Station Instant, hygienic station includes water-proof change mat
  •  Bassinet Unfolds in seconds to a structured sleeping cot for babies up to 19.8 lb
  •  Compact Travel bassinet folds effortlessly down into diaper bag
  •  Storage Magnetised wipes pocket and plenty of places for parents’ essentials
  •  Machine Washable Removable cotton sheet for easy care, easy wear
  •  Travel Friendly Lets parents pack and plan for every contingency
  •  Easy Care Durable, quality materials enable easy and hygienic cleaning


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