one and done

Have you ever done dishes and then spent 5 minutes trying to figure out which piece goes with which sippy cup? Do you just put ask the pieces in a drawer or cupboard and deal with the issue when you need a cuppy? Do you have to keep one of those baskets in your dishwasher to keep all the pieces from falling to the bottom?  Problem solved. Mind blown.

Poli has solved this multiple plastic piece problem.  Poli was created when a mom became frustrated with her child’s sippy cups.  They were too hard to clean and parts were constantly getting lost. She was buying replacement parts or even new sippys.  She created “a unique patented “easy to clean and no parts to lose” design. The small parts come apart for easy cleaning and are tethered to the inside of the cap–no more lost parts. You don’t need to worry about common problems such as milk sticking to tiny areas of the spouts or straws turning moldy. You can put it right in the dishwasher faced down for easy cleaning.”  This Made in America genius idea will save you time and money!

We received the green Humpty Dumpy Poli sippy cup. This unisex design is perfect for toddlers. I like that the design isn’t a television character or cartoon but a bit more sophisticated. The colorful yet subtle design is timeless and tells the story of Humpty Dumpty. My son loved it. He turned and turned the sippy checking out all the details.  Poli sippy cups are also available in an orange Hey Diddle Diddle and a yellow Twinkle Twinkle Little Star design.  All pictures were drawn and colored by the same mother that created Poli!!

I love love love the one piece sippy design! The valve and the mouth piece are all tethered to the inside of the lid.  No more trying to figure out what goes where or fishing small pieces out of the sink drain. Just pull it out of the dishwasher push the pieces together and be on your way. Plus they create a tight seal so you don’t have to worry about drips all over your house and car.  This truly is a leak free cup!

Plus! This has a child proof lock!  Bet you haven’t seen that before!  Think of a prescription bottle where you have to push on both side and turn at the same time….it is like that!  My son has arrived at that stage where he takes the lid off his sippy cups and wants to drink it like a regular cup.  Cool…but I don’t want grape juice all over my carpet and his clothes.  Thank goodness for genius, inventing mommas!

I also love that the sippy cup is great for little hands to hold.  Not too big at the bottom.  This also means that it fits in cup holders.  Have you ever had a sippy not fit in a cup holder AND it leaks!?  Not cool!  No worries though…Poli has fied all those problems.  It also comes with a dist cover lid to keep the sippy spout free of dust, crumbs, or whatever else gets on those things when they are tossed into a diaper bag or purse.

Poli retails for $19.97 on Amazon.  I will admit that is a bit steep for a sippy cup, in my opinion, BUT it does get the job done!  No more buying new sippy cups to replace the ones you can’t find the valves for or couldn’t get clean and became moldy.  No more cleaning your carpets because your kid’s sippy leaked on it them.  No more ruined clothes thanks to drippy grape juice.  It will save you money in the long run….just don’t lose it 🙂

Today Poli is giving one lucky reader a sippy in their choice of design!


Poli is Real Mom approved!!