Nursing in style

One of my favorite things about having a newborn baby is nursing him.  I know that may sound funny but I love the bond that nursing provides between my son and I.  Fortunately my body is cooperating with me and I get to nurse Blake.  With Beckham I didn’t take the time to nurse him like I should have.  When we were in public I would just mix up a bottle.  I always felt uncomfortable nursing in public…covered or uncovered.  I think this is part of the reason I didn’t get to nurse him as long as I would have liked.  Which is way thins time around I am taking the time and effort to nurse, no matter where I am.

I am a nursing while being covered type of mommy.  Not only do I like to be covered for my personal insecurities but because I think it is fun to wear a cute nursing cover.  They have become a fashion accessory for me.  But what if there was a nursing cover that was TRULY an accessory!?  What a great idea!

Wild and Free Clothing is a handcrafted clothing company for you and your wild little ones.  Based out of Seattle, Washington this new store on Etsy opened in April 2014.  It is run by owner and designer Hannah, a mother of two beautiful boys ages 4 and 1..  They specialize in infinity scarf nursing covers, infinity scarf bibs, bandanas, moccasins and slouch beanies.

Hannah was watching out for this nursing momma and sent me a great infinity scarf nursing cover.  This is the coolest thing so ladies listen up!  When it is time to nurse your baby doesn’t it get old to try to hunt down the nursing cover in the diaper bag?  Shushing baby and digging through your bag makes that minute or two seem like forever.  If you are in public it draws attention to you, makes people wonder why you aren’t doing anything, and can make people really irritable.  Then once you find it your body can end up playing peek a boo the entire time you are nursing.  Talk about frustrating!  Now if you would have thrown on that really cute infinity scarf nursing cover before you left the house you could have saved yourself a bunch of hassle. 

This is a scarf AND a nursing cover!!  Isn’t it cute!  Did you hear me though…this is a NURSING COVER!  What!?  Yeah!!  You heard me.  Hannah has created this great fashion accessory that doubles as a nursing cover.  This 60″ long scarf is nice and wide and makes nursing very discreet.  Just unloop the scarf and pull it over your shoulder.  WALAH! 

Isn’t it awesome!  I LOVE this scarf…I mean nursing cover…I mean nursing scarf.   I have worn it several times already.  I wore it to church, to a concert, and several times around town.  Not only did I feel cute but nursing was quick and convenient.  These scarves are made from super soft high quality jersey knit fabric.  There are a bunch of different fabrics available so you are sure to find the right one to fit your style.  Right now you can pick one up for just $17.99!  Talk about a great gift to yourself or for any new mommy!

Today Wild and Free Clothing is giving away an infinity scarf nursing cover in the winner’s choice of fabric!


Wild and Free Clothing is Real Mom recommended! 

Keep your eyes peeled next week for more from Wild and Free Clothing!!