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Who out there loves to blend? I have to say that I am a blending virgin. I have always wanted to get into blending and juicing and all things healthy (and maybe mixing some not so healthy things), but I never really knew where to start. I had heard of a well know high priced blender that was out there, but knew I would never in a million years drop five crisp benjamins on it. I am too practical and that much money would always go another direction in my family. Then I heard of another well know brand Ninja and I was happy to hear that it was half the price from a blending friend. I was intrigued and started doing some research. I wanted to know if this one would be my answer? I had a gut feeling she just might.

First you must meet my old best friend: cheapo deepo blender. She sat in my cupboard for the last 8 years, taking up space. Never paying rent and always disappointing me. I think I only asked her for help a handful of times when my kids wanted a strawberry shake. Even then it really didn’t work out.  She wasn’t very good to me.  She wasn’t powerful and simply put a pain to use.  I could have done the same thing by just mixing my items in a bowl. LOL The short of the story, we didn’t work out. Sometimes you have to let friends go, but this one wasn’t too hard on me.

Meet my new best friend: Ninja Mega Kitchen System. 1500 watts of power and boy is she a beauty of all things blending and processing. She is like a shiny BMW right off the lot. A bit intimidating at first. But I knew that a beautiful friendship was about to form. I laid her all out on the counter and started reading the instruction manual. Easy enough. There are a lot of parts, but I was able to decipher them easily. I also had to clear a spot in my pantry for all the pieces. It does take up a lot more room than just a blender, but well worth the space IMO.

Today, I went to my other best friend: google and asked for help. Google would know what to do with this shiny new contraption on my kitchen counter top.

So many fun recipes to try out. I was amazed. I also found a bunch on Pinterest. I bookmarked some that sounded yummy and I plan on trying them out very soon. One was a chocolate peanut butter smoothie. Yummy!

We decided to make a go at testing it out tonight. I just grabbed what I had in the fridge/freezer. We made fruit smoothies. The kids simply took the frozen fruit we had and added what they wanted to their personal cup, then we added some yogurt, a banana, and a little milk. We pushed the button and away it went. It was quite loud, and my son covered his ears. But you have to remember this is a horse power of a machine. Literally they were all blended and smooth within 15 seconds or less. WOW! I was very impressed. This baby is good.

Easy enough. See for yourself. Kids loved them! They were silky smooth and tasted ‘berry’ great. I love that it includes the single serving cups with lids. These will come in very handy when I want to make smoothies on the run or when we need to run errands and I want something healthy for the kids to drink while in the car.

My little man wasn’t going to miss a drop.

Okay, so now it is time to test this friendship even further. I am going to try cookies or maybe bread dough…. I will let you know how it goes. I am very excited. If this is just a glimpse of what the Ninja can do, I am in for a real treat.

You can pick up your own Ninja Mega Kitchen system today at your local retailer or at for around $249.

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I am giving away a Ninja Mega Kitchen System to one of you! What a lucky duck one of you will be.

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