Mix it up with beautiful nutrition

Mix Fix is a line of 3 great products by Beautiful Nutrition that will help you achieve happy hair throughout the holiday season and beyond.  Whether you want more volume, moisture or frizz free locks, Mix Fix is on the job.

At Beautiful Nutrition™ — we use only the best ingredients, such as citrus, to design nutrient rich products that deliver effective and healthful results. ~Beautiful Nutrition

With two teen/tweenage daughters, one of my favorite places to shop for stocking stuffers is Ulta Beauty.  Sooo, imagine how excited I was to find out that while shopping Ulta I could find Beautiful Nutrition products on their shelves!  If y’all remember back to my post earlier this year, I was able to try several Beautiful Nutrition’s citrus based products.  I particularly liked the Lemon Venom Cellulite lotion and use it still today.  Mix Fix was on my list of “to try’s”, so I am thrilled to get the chance now.

Mix Fix is a conditioner booster; a healthy additive if you will, used to manage your hair.   If you have been dealing with dry hair, add a few drops of Mix Fix Repair and Moisture Conditioner Booster to give hair back its softness.  Is the humidity making you frizz?  Try Mix Fix Smoothing Conditioner Booster.  And, if you have fine hair like mine, a few drops of the Mix Fix Volume and Life Conditioner will do you wonders.

I particularly love how there is no fragrance or color to Mix Fix allowing it to be used with any conditioner.  I have been using Mix Fix for the last couple weeks and I like what I’ve seen.  Somedays I’ll add the Volume boost, and others I’ll add moisture.  Being frugal, I get happy knowing I don’t have to go buy multiple conditioners to achieve different results.  Mix fix is $10 each and goes a long way.  Since only a few drops are added in the palm of my hand with my normal conditioner (Notice in the picture above), I should have product for quite some time.  It is perfect for traveling with into different climates when hair needs special attention, and sized under 3oz, meeting airline regulations.

Mix Fix Benefits:

  • Maximizes the impact of conditioner to prepare hair for easier styling
  • Formula is unscented for compatibility with existing conditioner fragrance
  • Contains no synthetic dyes, colors or fragrances and is paraben free, DEA free, BPA/Phthalate free and not tested on animals
  • 2.8 fl oz.

Stuff your stockings with Beautiful Nutrition Mix Fix!  Your hair will thank you.  Find Mix Fix online or at Ulta.


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