Making a splash

My son loves tub time!  He always has loved getting in the warm water and splashing around.  We have a few tub toys but not many.  We have experimented with bath crayons but he drops them under the water and forgets about them, causing them to whiter away fast.  I haven’t found too many tub toys that I just have to buy.  There are a lot of rubber ducks (not very exciting to my son) and a lot of squirting toys (not very fun for the parents sitting and getting soaked).  Thanks to Mega Bloks we have a new bath time toy that my son can’t get enough of.

Mega Bloks First Builders Build ‘n Splash is a wonderfully fun bath time toy that your child is sure to love.  Mega Bloks creates toys for children of all ages.  They start with big chunky toys that are ideal for little hands and get smaller as they get older and can dream up more complicated designs.  Mega Bloks creates timeless toys and Build ‘n Splash adds to their legacy.

Beckham loves stacking up these water friendly blocks and creating a fun little fountain.  Pour the water in the top and watch it flow to the bottom.  It pours onto the starfish causing it to spin around, goes in to the red fish and trickles out of its mouth, and fills up the shark causing it to tip and dump when full.  Beckham was mesmerized by this fun toy.  This is an affordable toy retailing for just $14.99!  Plus, it comes in a handy dandy container that suctions to the wall and allows your blocks to dry out.

Although this is a fun, affordable, and safe toy I do have a few problems with it.  First, I am ALWAYS telling Beckham he needs to sit down in the tub.  I have known too many (my hubby is one) that has slipped and fallen in the tub as children and had to have stitches.  I don’t want my kid to have a matching scar with daddy.  This toy sits up just high enough that my 19 month has to at the VERY minimum get up high on his knees to pour water into the top.  This makes me very uneasy.  I tried to put it on a few different areas of the tub rather then just the bath shelf but when I stick it to the edge it leans…as seen in the pictures.  Just a few seconds after I took that picture it crashed into my sons head.  Fail.  I think that if the bottom suction cup was in the middle rather than one side that may help the issue.  No matter, it is still tall enough Beckham has to get off his bum to fill it up with water.  Lastly, we found that if the starfish is placed until the red fish as pictured on the front of the packaging, it doesn’t spin the starfish very well.  It will go around about half way and then it find just the right spot on the starfish that it can pour onto it with the starfish turning.  This was easily fixed by rearranging it to be at the top…as shown above.

Although I find a few flaws with this, and some water was splashed out of the tub from using too big of a bucket, I will still allow my son to play with this toy.  I will really supervise him when he gets off his bum to dump the water at the top.  Eventually he will be big enough that this won’t be an issue.

Mega Bloks is giving one RMRV a First Builders Build ‘n Splash Bath Toy!