Luxury Performance Sheets {Sheex #Review}

Better Sleep Leads to Better Performance. That’s why we have created SHEEX, the world’s first luxury performance bed sheets. SHEEX were inspired by the finest professional-quality athletic fabrics, offering a superior level of comfort and performance to help you sleep better. ~ Sheex
My brother introduced me to the Sheex brand.  He asked if I had heard about these sheets athletes were raving about that supposedly brought a better nights rest.  I was curious and decided to investigate.  As an exhausted mom, I can definitely appreciate those nights that I sleep soundly, and love products that help me achieve this.
Sheex carry a hefty price tag, so I think my expectations were set high when I received a set of white pillowcases ($49).  Have you ever felt that higher end, glorious material athletic clothing is made of….the kind that wicks sweat….and is silky soft?  Well, that is exactly what Sheex performance bedding is made of.  Sheex has taken technology from the clothing industry and brought it into the bedroom.
I decided to split the pillowcase set in half and give my baby brother a chance to see what he thought; so here is what he said: “Even though I only have a pillowcase, I can imagine that an entire bed covered in this material would be awesome and keep me at a comfortable temperature through the night.”  He went on to comment on how soft the material was.  Good thing he has a kind sister, because even though I was very comfortable sleeping on the pillowcase, I’ll wash it and give it to him so he can have a matching pair.
I agreed with my brother, it was hard to get the full effect using one pillow, but I was comfy.  I’ve heard that silk sheets help avoid wrinkles on your face…not sure if this is true, but if it is, Sheex surely would accomplish the same feat.  They were luxurious and soft and my face glided smoothly as I tossed and turned.  They weren’t slippery though, as I know silk sheets can sometimes be.  I wonder if someone makes pajamas in this material??  With breathability nearly 50% better than cotton, I bet they would be lovely.  If you’re looking for high performance sheets/bedding, be sure to check out Sheex!
How SHEEX Work:

Superior Feel
Ridiculously soft and luxurious to the touch for unrivaled comfort
Temperature Control
Transfers body heat 2X better than traditional bedding for deeper, more restorative sleep
Breathes nearly 50% better than cotton
Precision Fit
Flexible microfibers offer optimum fit on all mattress types
Moisture Transport
Wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable
Advanced fade, wrinkle and shrink resistance

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